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Waterfalls and Mules Trip with Michael

 Michael is a bear in a cave! 

Waterfalls and Mules Trip with Michael

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Michael Lindsey age 2 1/2
Sunday Oct. 2, 2011

Pictures are here:

    We kept Michael Saturday night for Crystal and Adam to go on their anniversary trip.   He told us on Saturday evening that he wanted to go see some waterfalls.
I had told Kenny the week before we should take him hiking to see waterfalls and he was not convinced that was a good idea, but when the baby asked on his own to go he was all about it.  Michael weighs 40 lbs now but is only 2 years old.  He won't fit comfortably into a backpack type baby carrier for me to tote anymore.  Yet he is too young to walk a long ways.  I had a selection of waterfalls that were either roadside attractions or very short, pretty hikes.  We headed over to Morgan County to visit them.

      We went to Potters Falls and Lower Potters Falls.  They are pretty and both have good swimming holes in hot weather.    Michael got out of the jeep and started pointing to the creek telling us there was a waterfall!    We spent time checking out these two falls which are 1/10th mile apart.    We had not been there in about nine years and had forgotten just how pretty they were. He loved the falls and threw rocks with his Pawpaw. He pretended to be a bear in a cave.  He's a fun kid and loves outdoors.   We had a couple others to visit so we didn't tarry long.

    Next we went up the road to nearby Lamance Falls.   We found the gate locked today so we had to walk  1/2 mile down to the falls.  Michael walked part the way and ran part the way. Pawpaw gave him a piggyback ride part of the way.
He loved the falls, but  didn't like these falls as much as the first ones.  They are prettier in Winter when the water is blue green and there is more of it.  It was still a pretty walk  and not too hard.  On the way back I took a picture of Kenny toting Michael.   I was coming along behind them.  I noticed Michael laughing and doing something to Pawpaw.  He switched their hats. He put Kenny's trucker hat on himself and the bear hat on Kenny.  I had to get a photo of that. :-)

    We stopped by Sonic in Wartburg for lunch.   While eating on the patio some men rode up on horses to the drive-in.   They came in to eat lunch.  They tied their animals nearby.   One was a horse and one was a mule.   Michael is like his Nanny in another way. He loves waterfalls, but he also loves animals.  He wanted to check out those critters.  I went over there and sat in the grass and we watched them. Then we had to pet their noses.  The mule was off her tether.  Michael told me  he wanted to ride the mule.  I explained to him we'd have to talk to her owner.  The man who owned her walked up to retie her. Michael asked him if he could ride her. He said of course so he helped him.  He told us her name was Ruthie and she was 14 years old.
He was named Jim and a very nice man.   I think when Michael is a little older he will want a horse or a mule.   He has horses and ponies living across the road from him. He can see them out his bedroom window or from the front porch.  I don't think think he's going to be put off or forget it. I am not sure what it was about that mule that won Michael's heart, but he loved her.  We learned that mules are easier to care for than horses!   They won't founder and they are cleaner than a horse selecting one area of their pasture for a bathroom spot.  The horse was also nice with a very soft nose, but we didn't get the horses name or her owner.

     We told Cowboy Jim and Ruthie goodbye and thanked them and headed home.
What a good day outside hiking to waterfalls and visiting with animals.    We passed by Middle Fork Falls, but did not stop for that one. Crystal and Adam were on their way home and we had to head to meet them.   We will save Middle Fork Falls and DeBord Falls for another trip. I see a visit to that and a picnic and hike at Frozen Head in our future! 

Potters Falls

Lower Potters Falls--just a portion of it.

Downstream from Lower Potters Falls

Being silly. Pawpaw is the bear now!

Ruthie the mule and her friend, horse at the Sonic.

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