Sunday, December 2, 2012

River Trail Ride

Hamamelis virginiana bloom

Ride Across the River

Kenny & Dana Koogler
Sharon McGhee

25 mile ride for the day

Pictures are here beginning with frame 72:

     Kenny and I met up with Sharon on Friday and spent the day four-wheeling.
It was great fun.  We were fortunate enough to catch the water level down far enough to ride the river trail.    We have now visited this area in every season!
We found that with the leaves off the trees we could enjoy seeing parts of the landscape that were hidden during the Summer.


Gloom along a closed in part of the trail where the river is not visible.

We are sitting in the RZR in the middle of the river. Looking back at Sharon just approaching the ford.

High chalky white bluffs tower above the river here.

Colors of the Cumberland Plateau at this swimming hole.

The river here is hunter green with towering white bluffs draped in deepest green cedar and hemlocks. I love the copper beech trees too!  The river is so clear here you can see and count each stone on the bottom.

Can you see Kenny way up there climbing around on the bluff? We were hunting for a cave. We finally found it but this was NOT it! He climbed up all that way only to holler back "There ain't no hole to go in any cave!"

View from the North Overlook on Skinner Mtn.

    We wrapped up our day by going out to dinner at Baccara's Family Restaurant in Jamestown.  It was wonderful!  The proprietor is the same fellow who ran the Beggar's Castle.  I finally got to sample his cooking which is excellent.

Can't wait to go back next time!

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