Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Falls & Cave--Blue Hole Branch Falls

Wood Betony

Blue Hole Branch Falls and Rainbow Falls & Cave
Dana & Kenny Koogler
Saturday April 20, 2013

Pictures are here starting with frame 332
Rainbow Falls & Cave Pix 

     Saturday morning we woke and gathered our things up.  We packed and dropped off the key.  Grabbed some breakfast in town and hit the trail.  We planned
to visit Rainbow Falls & Cave today.  I knew there was another waterfall further back called Blue Hole Branch Falls.  I figured it would be a pretty drive to Overton County and should be a nice, short adventure before having to head home. We were keeping our grandson Michael tonight and Sunday.

      Well, I can't tell you a lot about the particulars on this blog because photos = evidence and telling some of what we did could be considered an admission of guilt.
We went back to see the falls and cave.   We found the road re-surfaced in gravel.
We found the gate had been moved to right by Cub Cemetery.  We also found the area had been logged heavily and it appears to be an on-going operation.  It was rather depressing to see.  Whoever did this had no concern for the environment at all and is only worried about making them some Ca$h.   They have left a big old mess and pushed logs over into Blue Hole Branch Falls.   

        We managed to find Blue Hole Branch Falls without any trouble. It had rained so much the previous days that you could hear it roaring off in the distance.  It was 
an impressive waterfall that flows and drops into a cave.   We found our way down the bank and approached it counter-clockwise. 



Kenny ahead of me moving toward Blue Hole Branch Falls.

Looking up from inside the passage to Blue Hole Branch

First glimpse of the falls

Out of the passage and onto a narrow ledge to see the falls from here

Blue Hole Branch Falls drops into a cave.

    We found the waterfall raging and still pretty despite the logging debris pushed into it.
Once through the right hand passage through the rocks we had to turn and hang on to climb on a narrow ledge to view the falls from here.  We found a better way down and a better viewing spot for the falls.  It was a neat place. Glad we finally got to see it.

   Next we turned around and headed a short distance back toward Rainbow Falls and Cave. I don't know where it got this name as I have been here several times and I have yet to see a rainbow here. It is a pit cave, but not like Never Sink or South Pittsburg Pit or the Dorton Knob Smoke Hole. It is eroded and has exposed all but the last 30 feet of the 110 foot waterfall. The cave opening appears to be down and to the right. It is very cool. I love the layers of rock here. You can carefully walk down into the pit part of the way and can easily see the bottom. During times of little rain fall this dries up to a trickle. Today it had the most water I've ever seen on it!

Rainbow Falls and Cave

Plenty of wildflowers around the falls today.

   It was a beautiful day to be out.  I know we'll go back. I found out there is more!
How cool is that?  Also have to take John and Sharon to see this.  

Above is a short , very cool video of Rainbow Falls Cave. The music is The Lazarus Pit.
A Lazarus Pit is supposed to bring people back to life or heal them. Love it!

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