Monday, October 28, 2013

Frozen Head State Park Play Day With Michael

Frozen Head Waterfall Hike With Michael

Pictures are here: 

   My grandson Michael spent the night at our house and the following day we 
went hiking at Frozen Head State Park.  We spent a wonderful day playing. We came home tired.  He slept all the way home. He played so hard he was still ready for some time on the couch watching cartoons when we arrived back at his house. 

       We picked Frozen Head because our marvelous state park system was still operational while the government shut down the National Park system! We stopped by
Middle Fork Falls on the way to Frozen Head.  

Middle Fork Falls.. first time Michael had ever seen it! He liked it so much he did not
want to leave to go on to the next thing!

Middle Fork Falls

    Next we hiked to DeBord Falls at Frozen Head.  It was a short, easy hike of about a mile round trip.  He ran for part of the way. He did not find it much of a challenge so its time to increase the difficulty level and the distance! 
Michael at DeBord Falls

He liked DeBord Falls and played in the water. He climbed on the rocks and made friends with two sisters who were also visiting the falls with their parents.  They were a bit older but he liked them so much! He told me they were so nice he wished they were his cousins!    He wanted to keep them.  We ate a snack on the climb back out.

    We had passed a playground on the way in to the park.   We went back to that and spent a long time playing hide and seek and tag and other fun games on the play sets.
We were hungry now! We had agreed to stop at Chik-Fil-A in Oak Ridge on the way back to eat lunch.  We would play there too.   We did eat lunch and then got in the playground indoors and for the first time... I got to see Michael climb all the way to the top!
He made it!  I was so excited I squeezed my big butt in there and sneaked all the way to the top before the management could find me out and stop me!
We had a grand time.  I love spending time with my grandson.  He is fantastic company.

 I look forward to longer and even more fun hikes to pretty features and exciting places like caves, overlooks, waterfalls, and forests.

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