Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking Michael to Nemo Bridge and Tunnel

Nemo Bridge and Tunnel With Michael

Saturday March 1, 2014

Pictures are here starting with frame 306

Michael making a crazy face. We're on our way driving in the Peep.

Abandoned railroad tunnel at Nemo. We're about to drive through it.
It has water standing in it for most of the way. The rails have been taken up.
Its about 1/2 mile long and in the middle it is total darkness. We thought Michael
would like it, but he did not really care about it.  He was not scared, but he was bored.


He liked the road on the back side of the tunnel better. We broke off icicles and he slipped and slid on the old road. Pawpaw had to help him.

Nemo Bridge with Michael and Pawpaw.  It is the old bridge over the Emory River.
It is now open as a pedestrian bridge. You can see the new one to the right.

Emory River at Nemo.

Michael playing with a rope along the river bank.

Cairns built in the rivers edge

        He enjoyed playing along the edge of the river and digging in the sand and stacking rocks.  He did not want to visit Lily Bluff and the overlook or Melton Mill Falls as planned.   We went instead to Wal-Mart and bought an early birthday present. Spider Man who does stunts.  We finished the evening off at Nanny & Pawpaw's house playing with
toys where it was warm.  It was lots of fun! 


  1. It's been many years since I've driven through the Nemo tunnel, although I've been to Nemo bridge many times since. That's a fur piece from Walland.

    1. Yes it is a fur piece. That was Michaels opinion as well. He was worn out with the car trip. He did tell me the other day he'd like to go back again and see the "rest of it". We had planned Lily Bluff Overlook, Stone Cove Preserve, Melton Mill Falls and Mill Creek Falls. All of it doable by him IF he wants to do it. He is a morning person. We need to get an early start next time.


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