Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wilson Falls Trip Report Addendum

The entry for the Wilson Falls trip report was so long. I decided on the suggestion of a reader
to make an addendum to it. It is just a video of the trip and the falls along it.

I am also including a link to a map of the area we traveled.    
The purple pip shown on the map is the benchmark for the summit of Mt. Collins.
The next blue pip represents the 50 ft falls on Meigs Post Prong. 
Wilson Falls..the 400 ft section is not shown on this map. 
I am not including a track of the trip. 
We worked hard for it.  I don't mind helping a friend out, but I am simply not
willing to put every bit of knowledge I've gained out there on the net for anyone to use.

Map of Wilson Falls Trip

Wilson Falls from the top down.


  1. Thanks for the video and the map! Still thinking that was a great adventure!

  2. Thanks. It was a great adventure. What do you do for a follow up performance to that one?! :-)


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