Friday, August 8, 2014

Blogging Basics-- Part 5--- Additional Tips for Using HTML Code

Blogging Basics Part 5--Tips for Using HTML Code

    I was going to get into a lesson in how to write other types of HTML code.  I have
thought better of it for now. I'm rusty at it since I don't do it often.   It is also something you probably
won't use much if at all.  Its fun to play around with, but clearly I need to brush up on it myself more.
Blogger and Go Smokies make it far easier than some web sites used and the need to know how to write code for me is really diminished because of it.   
Here is a link to a tutorial that describes various tips and tricks for HTML Code.

    It is mainly helpful after you've worked and written a entry on your blog to know how to copy and 
paste it elsewhere.  I sometimes will post a blog entry here for a trip report.  I can then copy and paste the 
entire HTML script to Go Smokies as a blog entry on there.    It is a fast way to post trip reports in more
places than one.   I'll share how to do that.

   Posting a Blog Script to Go Smokies or Other Website

  Once you get your blog entry typed up and finished you can post it elsewhere simply.
Go to EDIT and open the blog .  Change to HTML EDITOR  Right click and highlight the entire using SELECT ALL.   Then click COPY.
Be certain to get the ENTIRE SCRIPT

Go to the next website such as Go Smokies. Click Add CONTENT and pick Add a Blog Post.

Go to HTML editor tab and click on that.  Once it opens in that format it has a pale yellow color.
Right click in that area.  Select PASTE. The entire script should be deposited there.

Change back into VISUAL  MODE. Eyeball your blog entry and see if it is Ok?

Once that is done you can title your blog entry.
Go to the bottom and add tags if you want. It will make it easier for you and others to look up later.

You can select the privacy options in this mode.
You can save as a draft and come back to work on it later.
You can PREVIEW it to see if it is correct.
Then once you are satisfied with it click PUBLISH POST.

On Go Smokies it gives you an automatic hit counter and lets you know how many times that blog has been read by unique individuals!

Intellectual Property ---Yours and Theirs!

   Its not a good idea to use other people's work without permission.  Its a good idea to at least ask
and give credit back to the creator of the work when possible.   Once in a great while I will snag a photo
on the net to illustrate something I saw, but was unable to photograph.  I try to ask permission and give credit. It is not always possible.  I limit that sort of thing on my own blog. Lots of free clip art, graphics, royalty free background schemes, CSS, and photos are out there that don't require any of that.
Try to be sure that's what you're using whenever possible.  

       Do you ever wonder if other folks are using your images or materials?  Here is a link that shows
how you can check on it.  I used this a time or two and I found my photos of waterfalls WERE being used by a woman.  She was using them to make money on her commerical real estate website.  Really bad form. Using someone else's material without permission or credit AND using it to make money off of!
I wrote to her and asked she stop. I have not been worried enough about it to check again, but I should.

Hope these tutorials are helpful.

I have learned some stuff just in preparing them. 
It was a good learning experience for me.

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