Thursday, June 18, 2015


Michael and Nanny Start Their Alien Collection!  

Wednesday June 17, 2015

   Today Michael did not want to go anywhere. He just wanted to stick around the house
with Nanny.   It was sweltering hot, but for a change he was not interested in swimming, going hiking, going out to any area attractions.  He just wanted to be at home in the cool. He wanted to play, watch cartoons, play with Diesel the cat, and do crafts with Nanny.  So that is what we did.   We made a run out to Hobby Lobby and had lunch at Cook Out.  Once we were home
he crawled up on my bed and turned on the ceiling fan to "rest his legs".   Sometimes you just
want home and to be comfortable and quiet.   

     Once we'd rested our legs we went downstairs into our finished basement where it is cool in
Summer and warm in Winter.    We played sword fighting, cars and trucks with the ramp we built last week.  We dug in all the craft stuff.  We began construction of two flying saucers and two aliens.  We have more stuff to make aliens with for next week!    It was a fun and relaxing day.  We got to finally do something we had been talking about, but hadn't done yet.  

    We talked about missing T-ma. His other grandma passed away early this Spring.  
Our family is still grieving the loss.   It seems better for awhile, but then it hurts again real bad.
It is so hard.   It is hard for a six year old to realize that life is different for different people and that everyone copes in a different way.     

          Crystal fixed a nice dinner and we ate together and played together some more.
We rough housed. Tessa likes me to chase her "I git you!"  "You git me?!" She is working 
on her potty training by her choice.   We have some successes and some failures. 
It was a good day.   

Grey Alien
 Green Alien

Both aliens in their flying saucers! 

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