Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tessa's Birthday and Labor Day Weekend Visit to Virginia

Tessa on her new Minnie Mouse big wheel

(photo credit to Valerie Graham my sister)

Tessa's Birthday & Labor Day in Virginia 

Friday Sept. 4 -Monday Sept. 7, 2015
Dana & Kenny Koogler
Crystal, Michael & Tessa Lindsey
Our Whole Family from Va. 

Pictures are here starting with frame 125

   We have had a bad year in many ways.  Teresa Lindsey passed away in March.  
Adam's Dad has remarried and that has been an adjustment.  I'm believing it will be a blessing.
It has still been hard.     Adam deployed in July.    We have tried to keep the kids busy and ourselves occupied so that the time would pass faster until Adam is home.  We have tried something that worked really well and that was spending more time with family from Virginia.   Chris, Kelly, Matt, Allison and Mia came down for vacation.  We spent time with them and that was great.  My parents were down after T-ma passed away and that helped. Michael didn't have a good birthday in February because T-ma was sick and dying.  Kenny's mom had been in the hospital and was out. We were able with Chris & Kelly's gracious help........ have Tessa Grace a 2nd birthday party combined with a 
family cookout at their home.    

          Chris and Matthew have a side business Gravity Zone Inflatables.  The love and support
shown by our Virginia family toward us and the grands was amazing.   I am VERY proud of our family.   We like each other. We love each other.  It was exactly what was needed.  I am grateful to God for the healing of my brother in law, Chris. I am grateful for Matt's healing.   My brother in law Brian was not there, but he is out of the hospital and he is finally getting well after many years of struggle.   We have much to be thankful for.   It was great spending time surrounded by family.
We miss Adam, but he will come home to us and we'll be fine.  Just going to keep pouring lots of prayer on all these situations, thanking the Lord for results.   

                  Tessa and Michael both got birthday presents and all the kids and some of the grownups
enjoyed the bouncy castle!  Mama Koogler was there and feeling better.  She over did it and was sick the next night, but I dusted off my nursing skills and got her feeling better.  The next day we visited my mom at her house. She fixed us another wonderful family meal. Aunt Mike and Uncle Bill were there.  In today's world of gender benders........ let me clear something up.  Aunt Mike is a woman.
Her real name is Mary.  She has gone by Mike since she was tiny.   Her twin was Aunt Fairy whose real name was Martha.  They were named after the sisters in the Bible who were friends of Jesus. 
Fairy gave herself her own nickname because she wanted to be a fairy and pretended to be one.

Mama Koogler and Heidi on her lap, My brother in law James
Tessa and Crystal
 Nephew Cody coming down head first
 Chef Kenny and my Daddy
 Michael and a new set of cowboy cap guns! pow pow! Kenny and Cody
 Jim in the far left. my beautiful sister in law Kelly and cute puppy Zoe.

       Tessa and her new cowgirl hat and boots and she got a pink minnie mouse big wheel and a pink cap gun from Nanny Cookie and Pawpaw Kenny. Crystal my daughter helping her on with her boots!

This look right here sums up the day.  Tootsa Rootsa the rootinest, tootinest Cowgirl!

Yeeee Haww!
Photo by Val Graham

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