Saturday, October 15, 2016

Artsy Craftsy Mombo #12 Gauge

Tissue box monster and all the stuff he eats

Artsy Craftsy Mombo #12 Gauge

  The Summer has been so dreadfully hot that until the last few weeks I had tried to just stay
cool. I used the time to work on lots of creative projects and enjoy the artsy craftsy side of me.
 We finally got Gabriel's swing put up in their yard.
They have got wonderful trees to play under.
 Over on the other side of the tree we put the tire swing horse. Tessa is riding it.

grandson Michael trying to help Pawpaw put up the swings.
We told him this better be the ONLY time we see him near a tree with rope.
I  sound like  my own parents! 

 I finished making Michael a Pokemon wreath for his bedroom door.
It has Pancham, pikachu, Ash, venasaur, blastoise, and Raykwaza.
 I made myself a display of blackbirds for Autumn.

I put up a lot of Halloween spooky quotes with the crows. Edgar Allen Poe, Jason Lee, Loreena McKennitt, etc.
 I made Tessa a door decoration.. a garland for her bedroom door. This is Garth Pig
It is fashioned from my favorite book Garth Pig & the Icecream Lady \pig and popsicles

Here is the finished product on her door. The striped popsicles are whooshes.

 I've done a lot of caring for my grandchildren. Here is Gabriel sitting in the elefun chair.

I have lots of furniture fixer uppers going.  This will become a stool.

I am sewing myself a Red Riding Hood doll. I am making her very Bavarian since we are German.
Sewed pillows and redecorated my downstairs den. Everyone likes it better.

Made a Tiny World for Tessa. She has loved it. Michael wants one too.
 Part of the decoration for the downstairs den.  K is for Kügler

 Changed the back porch around for Fall.. This is thrift store fabulous.  Cost $5
Took 10 min.
I have made all sorts of  monsters.  I draw them, and then I bring them to reality!
This is a candle for my daughter Crystal.. cinnamon and citrus

Gabriel at a family get together.  

I am now caring for my granddaughter all the time.  She is out of daycare/preschool because it was so costly.  My daughter Crystal .. in the center of this photo.. has left R & Co and all her co workers.
After nine years she has gone back to school to be an educator.  She was already doing some of that at  R&Co, but now it will be official, licensed teacher.  We are all having to pull together to make
this happen. I am very proud of her, and happy we have a good family that can work toward goals.
Grandson Michael is busy growing, learning and losing teeth!
More finished candles. cinnamon is the orange.. the white is coconut.
We made a Halloween Fairy Garden and I constructed man eating flowers to put in it.
 Uncle Biff ( son in law Adam) holds a sleepy Gabe who has found his thumb.  He is so cute!

Kitchen cupboard from craigslist.  I took my Hoosier cupboard to my mom to use, and got
another one for $200.  This is pretty and functional. 
Sweater pumpkins from Pinterest.  Turned out pretty good. 

Autumn wreath for my parental units

Autumn wreath for moi!  I love it! 

Lots of changes to life at Kügler haus.  All good things.  
Now that the weather is cooled off I am back to hiking again though. 
I just need to try to finish up the crafts on my desk so I don't totally lose all 
the momentum I've gained in completing them!
***Updated Red Riding Hood Doll Progress***

I dressed her today by finishing her cloak and hood.  I made her dress. All that is left is her vest and apron.  Total cost of the project $11.  Madame Alexander dolls go for $30 or so.

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