Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More Thrift Store Fabulous!

More Thrift Store Fabulous! 

I was able to finish making  all the decorations for our home that I hoped to.
I spent very little on the entire project thanks to frequent trips to the area Thrift Shops as opposed to
retail sales stores!    These items would have cost me hundreds of dollars had I tried to purchase them retail.  Aside from the cost savings........... I have unique items that suit my tastes! 
I don't have to have cookie cutter decorations like everyone elses.

18 foot long lighted garland with jeweled fruit, pine cones, ornaments. 
Cost approx.  $50.  I would have paid $220 or more for this retail. 

Golden bough themed matching wreath
The whole thing together... looks nice!

Coordinating jeweled fruit swag.. this is interior. Non lighted.  love it!

Real greenery wreath.  Apples, cypress, pine cones, holly and ribbons.

Lighted rag garland on my living room mantel.

Detail of the lighted garland.  I made this using burlap and fat quarter fabric scraps. I used a strand of lights I already had.  The light strand quit on me.   I repaired it using battery powered light strands from Michaels.   I was not about to undo all that work and start over!

Christmas Tree in the living room of Kügler Haus this year.  Lots of Kurt Adler antique German ornaments this year! 25 cents each at the Good Will !

Lovely Christmas wreath I made for my daughter in law Lydia.  100% thrift store!

Front door wreath I made for my daughter Crystal.  Thrift shop!  all except the pine cones which were free.

I had wanted some of those retro multi colored lights like I had on my house as a kid. Found some at the 4 Chics and a Cat store... Everything was half off.  Paid $1.50 for the set!

Not Thrift Store.. but homemade.. Polymer Clay ornaments! We had a family ornament making day.
Everyone got to make polymer clay ornaments. It was a blast!  Frosty the Snowman hat and a rose.
I made these!

Tiny World Christmas village in the bottom of my coffee table.  My mom made the North Pole Santa's workshop back when I was a little girl.  I bought everything else at the Thrift shop and fixed it up.   Dollar General sells the mini light strands for $3.  Much cheaper than Hobby Lobby or Michael's and they look every bit as good and work as well.

I made a second Kurt Adler ornament wreath for my bedroom.  Love it!!
Coffee bean candle.  All thrift store stuff!  Turned out great!

Credenza in the front foyer.. I always wanted one.  Got it from Craigslist $60! 
Camels from Good Will store! 

Detail closeup of garland.   

A little imagination and some elbow grease and you can have all sorts of nice things put together from bits and pieces.

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