Sunday, February 19, 2017

Coker Creek After Christmas Hike

Coker Creek After Christmas Hike

Monday Dec. 26, 2016

Dana & Kenny Koogler 

  We had a good Christmas. It was Gabe's first Christmas and we were here together with him.
We had fun watching him open presents.  Once Christmas was over and stuff put away Kenny and I decided to get out for a post Christmas hike!   We've had a lot going on in our lives. My tolerance level for lengthy drives or disappointment is at an all time low.  We picked Coker Creek area to visit because it is not too far to go, and it is a sure fire hike.  

     We hiked out to the falls and back. We took time to climb down to several of the ones that are not easily reached by way of the trail.  Several of the lower ones you have to scramble down a steep embankment and then climb up the creek to them.  We figured out where our spot was to go down and were pleased we made it to the drops we missed on another trip.  We had our pregnant daughter and grandson with us that trip so we weren't about to have tried it then.

      It was a beautiful day.  Sunny and cool, fresh air with a nice breeze blowing.  It was such a quiet day. We encountered a few other hikers and a couple gold panners, but everyone was real friendly and nice.  We talked to several of them.  The gold panners were the most interesting fellows. I wanted that one old fellow to adopt me. A waterfall enthusiast like me would think she'd won the lottery to have a daddy like that! He knows were all sorts of waterfalls and caves and interesting features are!  

 We had to bushwhack to reach this falls.
 Coker Falls 
 Coker Creek Falls two
Interesting striped rock.

   We were very relaxed and mellow after hiking to Coker Falls.  It was just about perfect.
We thought we'd drive by Towee Falls which sits by the roadside and head home after that.
We found out what happens when you are in the negative not ONLY for your waterfall hikes, but your "I'm lost!" moments.  Holy schnikees! We had to make up for several months worth of not wandering like the Hebrew children in the wilderness. We crammed the entire forty years of wandering into one day.  We covered ground on roads I did not even know existed. I'm sure we took some sort of interdimensional vortex from Polk County to somewhere in North Dakota. I don't know no one in North Dakota!  Finally we admitted defeat and realized if we kept following the road we were on we'd come back out on SR 315.  
We stuck with it and emerged on a familiar road.  We'd just follow this back to Tellico Plains.
Along the way we passed a sign and Kenny exclaimed "Look! Towee Falls Road!??"  
My response?  "Shut up!" 

Then we both burst out laughing like two mad bastards.  We are crazy as hell.



  1. We did the same thing,but from Tellico and ended up at Coker Creek.
    Still a beautiful drive.
    But since my wife and I prospect around there, we just drive until we find a masmasin road. That's how we find the good prospecting spots.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. "You're never lost long as your somewhere you want to be." ~~ Kelvin Taylor missive

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