Gabezilla in Springtime! :-)

 Reknowned Rock Thrower in the making. Dogwood TN
 My brrmm brrmmm.  Dogwood ride on a beautiful Saturday
Gabey is thirsty.  Capri suns to drink with Pawpaw's help.  

 Gabe, Tessa and Michael playing on the swing set at Tessa and Michael's house. Cousins are the best!
 Go home Nanny!  I want to play with my cousins and Yaya. ( a step toward independence)
 21 months old and fearless. Climbing the ladder all by himself!  The other two grands would never have done that.
 Gabe, Yaya, Tessa and Michael atop Courthouse Rock in the Smokies
 Little bear rides on Pawpaw's back. Creek crossing on the Courthouse Rock hike
 First trip Brrrrrmmmin in the RZR.  Cumberland Plateau
 Gabey wearing his keens in the mud! Brrrmin trip.
Throwing rocks with Pawpaw into Fourmile Creek in Morgan Co. Way out at Deerlodge.

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