How to Find Waterfalls Blog Series

How to Find Waterfalls Blog Series

Google sent me an email message that let me know part 3 of this series is coming up as an error 
404. That means Page Not Found.   I have checked it. I have had others check it. The page for that blog article and the link still works.  One friend has had it throw the page not found message though. I may have to contact Blogger to see what is going on.  
In the mean time I am going to list all of those blog entries here in one spot. See if that helps.

How to Find Waterfalls Part 3

How to Find Waterfalls Part 4

Here is a link to Gregory Plumb's book Waterfalls of Tennessee.  
It is the waterfall Bible for the state if you will.  If you live in TN or travel here to visit invest in a copy.  He supplements the publication with updates on his website too.  Additions or changes can be found there.   Make sure to purchase a copy of the 3rd edition.  If you can get  your hands on the 1st edition get one and keep it close.  It has stuff in there left out of later copies. 

Click on the link to take you to where to purchase a copy.Waterfalls of Tennessee Guidebook

Here is a link to Greg's web companion to the book..

Waterfalls of Tennessee Web Companion

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