Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rock Creek Falls Hike

Rosebay Rhododendron is in bloom now in the Smokies!  Rhododendron maximum  Ericaceae  GSMNP

Rosebay Rhododendrons were the flower of the hour.

Rock Creek Falls Hike

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Obey the Pup
Monday May 28, 2012

2 miles Round trip

     I had worked all weekend and the rest of the family was in Charlotte,NC at the big NASCAR race.   I had little sleep and no fun at all for Memorial Day weekend.  I had been struggling with caring for the dog solo. Temperatures during the day were soaring to more than ninety-five degrees.
I was beyond frazzled by the time Monday afternoon rolled around. Both me and the dog needed to get away from this house!    I told Kenny I didn't care how tired he was when he came home....... that we were all going to the Ocoee to hike.  He agreed.

      We loaded up ourselves, our stuff and the dog. It was a gloriously clear, sunshiny day.
We took the top off the jeep and cruised down to the Ocoee River.   It was the first ride in the jeep for the year with the top off.  We grabbed some lunch and fed the dog and continued.  We arrived at Parksville Lake and there were tons of people, but not that many were hiking. Most were swimming or boating.   I bet we'd see at least one snake today.

      We started up the trail and let Obey be off the leash.  It was a hot hike, but not that bad as we were in the shade the entire time and the woods were at least ten degrees cooler.  The hike is not a very long one. It has some uphill to it, but not a alot and was a moderate hike.   The woods were so pretty and the paths were lined with lots of rosebay rhododendron.  Ferns were also abundant.  The flame azalea was already done for the season.  Despite the ample rain we'd had in Blount County where we live the Ocoee was rather dry. The creek had a so so amount of water, but it was clear that going upstream bushwhacking to hunt for other falls was not going to be worth it.   The creek crossings were easy rock hops today.  Winter time makes them wet foot wades up to the knees!

     We arrived at the the first falls and climbed down the rocky bank to see Lower Rock Creek Falls.  It was pretty today and the swimming hole looked nice. 

Lower Rock Creek Falls, TN

Upper Rock Creek Falls  Ocoee, TN
Upper Rock Creek Falls

Kenny on the trail heading back.**Photo lost**
A little blue sky showing above the falls
Beautiful blue sky with puffy clouds!

       We enjoyed the hike and the falls and then headed back to the jeep.  We were tired but happy and a short hike as a family was good for us all. Obey was worn out and slept almost the whole way home. Only waking up enough to gnaw big frayed areas in my seat belt!  Dang dog!  I'll have to replace it. 


  1. Pretty falls after all! I bet the water would feel good in the pool below the fall. The last photos you posted of Obey showing him really growing up. He's quite a handsome fella.

  2. Hi, Are you the Dana I know from Gosmokies? I found you on Betsy's blog.
    You sent me directions to Rhododendron Creek. It has become one of our favorite places in the Smokies. It's so peaceful without any people around. Never did get to Honey Cove but maybe someday...Pearl

    1. Hi Pearl. It's me. One and the same. Glad you found me. Glad you enjoyed Rhododendron Creek! :-)

  3. Lovely pictures, Dana. I especially like the picture of the swimming hole. How pretty! What an inviting looking spot!

  4. Hi Dana, We did that hike in 2007... Did you know that there is another waterfall above the Upper Falls? It's name is Secret Falls... Secret Falls is featured on the cover of Mark Morrison's Waterfall Walks and Drives in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

    Glad you went...

  5. The photos of the waterfalls are just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Darla. I appreciate the kind remarks!


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