Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family Hike and Picnic at Coker Creek

Sweetly sings the donkey at the break of day.
Baby donkey and his momma donkey at Coker Creek.

Family Outing to Coker Creek
Sunday March 10, 2013
Dana & Kenny Koogler
Crystal & Michael Lindsey

Pictures are here:
Coker Creek Outing

   We planned to have Crystal and Michael come over Sunday morning for breakfast.
We ate a big breakfast and then packed a picnic and took a drive down to Coker Creek.
We stopped by Coker Village to see the baby donkey and its mother. They were so cute! 
We did a short, easy hike along the John Muir Trail to see the four waterfalls along the stream and the small "cave".   Crystal is expecting and Michael is only four so we had to keep it simple.   It was a great success.  They were doing controlled burns in the area but it did not bother us.   We enjoyed the hike. We saw two ribbon snakes emerging from their hole in the ground.   We explored the cave.  We threw rocks and sticks.
    Once back at the trail head we set up our picnic and ate a nice lunch outdoors.
Ham sammidges. Chips. Peanut butter and jelly sammidges.   Fresh fruit.  Trail slaw.
We played by the creek in the sand.  We played with boats and toys in the water.
 It was a great day!  We're ready to go again!

Michael points out the waterfalls

Coker Falls

Crystal and Michael

A little ribbon snake comes out to say hi and a little boy I know LIKES snakes!

Looking down Coker Creek as the river rolls ever onward

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