Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kentucky Life, Recovery, and Hiking--Beaver Creek Wilderness

First of the colored leaves for Autumn 2013.

Kentucky Life, Recovery, and Hiking

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     I had been suffering with some health problems and had surgery September tenth.
It has been a chaotic and exciting time for our family.   Our granddaughter Tessa was born September fourth.  One week later I was in the same hospital having surgery.  A week after that Kenny left for a job in Kentucky that was to last three weeks to a month.
Our house was like a revolving door for awhile.  My mom and sister came to look after me.  I enjoyed their TLC so much!  Words cannot express it adequately.  My Dad and stepmother came to visit just as my mom and sister headed home.  A week later my best buddy Cathy came to help keep me company.  My son Jared came to visit. Finally the stream of company and visitors died down and it was lonely.    

   Kenny was being lonely in Kentucky. I was being lonely at home.  Once I was able to drive I packed and headed to stay and finish my recovery by being Kentucky Trailer Traysh!   The first week up there I stayed Monday, Tues. Wed. night and had to head back to Maryville on Thursday morning to pick up Kenny's checks, take care of business matters and see my doctor for a follow-up visit.   I took care of all that. Spent the weekend at home and headed back up the next week.

      The area we are staying in is nice. It is an RV park that is clean as a pin. It has a driving range, indoor pool, fellowship hall, free wi-fi, cable tv hookups.  The nearest town is Burnside. The nearest city of any size is Somerset.  I went shopping in Somerset.
I cleaned and cooked and enjoyed my hubby's company. I was overjoyed to see him.
I played games. I read books. Watched movies.  Rested. There is not a lot to do in the area unless you have a boat.  It is by Lake Cumberland so fishing and boating are the big things to do.

    I did bring my hiking guides and once I was worn out with being a 'townie" I went hiking.   I had to drive about 15 miles down the road, but it was worth it.  I hiked Three Forks of Beaver in the Beaver Creek Wilderness. It is part of the Daniel Boone National Forest.    It was not the most dramatic hike, but it had a beautiful overlook. The forest was quiet and serene.  I hiked the 3 miles or so of this short hike and it was exactly what I needed.  There is a little more hiking in the area and if I go back I hope to do some more. I expect after the long working hours and weariness of the past month or more.. Kenny will not want to revisit this area for a LONG time for work or pleasure.  I can certainly understand that.

Butterfly on Ironweed. One of many pretty fall wildflowers.

Fall color just beginning at the overlook

Orange leaves and it is raining on me!

Red Riding Hood Forest of deep hemlocks and tall cliffs.

Royal Ferns are a type of fern that is found in the Cumberland Plateau. Its binomial is Osmunda regalis
I am standing in the middle of the Freeman Fork. It is shallow. I saw sucker fish, small native trout and water spiders.

Beaver Creek shallow with lots of pretty spots along it for wading.

Orange shelf fungi on a tree. The sun has come out again now that I have emerged from
down in the hollers. I am back up on the plateau! 


  1. Wonderful photos! Glad you're recovered from your surgery!

    1. Thanks Mamabug! I am back to work and let the wrasslin' match go on! That's what work is like sometimes. The last night I worked prior to surg. I had 10 rounds in the ring with Juventud Gurrera!


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