Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jakes Creek Trail to the Avent Cabin--- Recovery Hike #2

Avent Cabin Hike for Exercise

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Sunday Feb. 9, 2014

A little over 2 miles

  Sunday afternoon we were sitting around complaining so I said we needed 
to get out of the house. I needed to work on my exercise and rehab program.
I suggested we hike to the Avent Cabin in the Smokies.  So that is what we did.
It was my first hike in the Smokies since getting out the hospital.


We hiked out Jakes Creek Trail and then dropped off the side down a manway to reach this cabin.   It is real pretty and secluded.   It was a fun hike and not too hard.  We had overcast weather, but no rain and it was not real cold.    The uneven ground was a challenge for me. I had to have lots of help. I need to remember to bring my trekking poles always. I need them more than ever now.

Hearth inside the cabin. 

Front porch on the cabin. 

 Above are the foot log across Jakes Creek to the cabin and the creek itself.

    I had a good leg stretcher and got some fresh air.  We both enjoyed the time outdoors.
I appreciate Kenny's patience with me as I recuperate. I am getting better, but my vision continues to be abnormal. It is getting better gradually.  I still have balance to work on.
My gait is not normal on uneven ground, but practice will help.

    I stood there on the foot log across the creek and soaked it in. It was not wasted on me how beautiful the place is. I feel very grateful to be able to get out and do this again.
Thanks be to God!


  1. I like that foot bridge! Just revisiting our own one and only trip to the Smokies, and just looking at the pictures has me wanting to go back!

    1. Pretty place for sure. I feel blessed to live where I do and to have the appreciation of it. I would not want to be one of those folks who spends all their time in town at tourist type attractions.


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