Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Big Creek Backpack--This Party Sucks! I'm Outta Here!!

Big Creek Backpack Trip--This Party Sucks! I'm Outta Here!

Saturday Sept. 27, 2014

Dana Koogler

   My original plan was to backpack Saturday morning up to CS 37.  I would take photos of Midnight Hole
and Mouse Creek Falls along the way.   I would set up camp once at CS 37. I would empty my pack of all non essentials. The hike to the campsite is 5.8 miles.  It is another 1.8 or so to Gunter Fork Falls.
Gunter Fork Cascade is on the way and it is a pretty 10 ft falls.  Gunter Fork Falls is a 150 ft waterfall.
I had only been to it once and it was very beautiful.   It was a neat experience shared with a good friend.
I wanted to visit it again.   I would put up with the suck factor of Big Creek Trail to reach it.

       I found out Friday night when I saw Casey Marcum's photos from a day or so earlier that 
Gunter Fork Falls was pretty much a wet rock with a slight trickle at the top of it.   The bottom part was only damp.  I tried to convince myself to go ahead.    I would just make the best of it. I usually can manage to 
find something good about a place.  I would not bother going up to the falls because it sure was not worth it.
Bob Carr was supposed to be in the area. Perhaps I'd run into him and that would be good.
I would modify my route and get in some new trail miles.  

         I got over there and the day was beautiful.   Big Creek is a popular destination and there are 
always tons of people. I finally found a place to park.  I set off down the trail.  I got to Midnight Hole.
The light for photography was dreadful.  Two other men arrived and one got in to swim.  
I sat down to eat lunch.  More and more people began showing up. My mood was abysmal. 
I wanted to turn around and go home.  I convinced myself to make it the 1/2 mile further to Mouse 
Creek Falls.   I got there and took a few snapshots.   I was only alone there for a minute or two until
more people arrived.   I was over it.   I decided since no one was holding a gun to my head to force
me to continue I would not go further.   I tried my best to shake the bleak mood I was in.  I was 
overwhelmed with sadness. I just wasn't feeling it.  The place was crawling with people.  

       I was overwhelmed with memories of past trips and not all of them good.
I was worn out with the inconsiderate, dumb shit people do.   I hate this trail. I won't be back on it
until it is absolutely necessary.   Too many people. Lots of horse shit.  Not enough to see to make it

          I went home.  I prayed the Lord would help my mood improve.  I called Kenny to 
let him know I was coming home.   I went home and got in the hammock on the back deck.
The sky was blue and pretty.   I took a nap and it was quieter in my back yard than it was in the Smokies front country.  I realize people make mistakes and life isn't always perfect. I just don't want to 
watch you try to take your precious year and a half old baby up a steep dirt ditch in an umbrella stroller.
What is wrong with you?   I really do get the suffer no fools.. quarter no mules thing. The mules I can forgive a lot quicker than I  can the dumb people. 

Mouse Creek Falls
Midnight Hole


This party sucks! I'm outta here!

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