Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mitchell Lick--Scouting for a Top to Bottom Trip in Snowbird Wilderness

Mitchell Lick Scouting Trip 

Jan. 2015
 Dana & Kenny

Mike Gourley, Bob Marshall, and myself had discussed a shuttle hike from the Cherohala Skyway
all the way through Snowbird Wilderness to see the various waterfalls.   Someone in the past told me
they had done the trip that way and it was the ONLY way they'd ever go see Upper Falls on Snowbird 
Creek again.   Rough, but easier coming down that climbing up.    I also became aware thanks to Kevin
Umberger's doings that it was an area that is a maze of old logging roads and a good place to get lost.
I had a tough experience there hiking in the past and knew first hand he was correct.   It is not a place I'd
ever go hiking alone.    He had questions about where in the world "Mitchell Lick" was??

     Kenny and I decided to scout it and find out for ourselves.  It was rough going, but we made it there.
We stopped and had lunch at the gap at the top of the mountain.   It was so cold and the wind in the gap
was blowing pretty stiffly.    The only time we got real cold all day was sitting there trying to eat lunch in 
that infernal wind.      We motored on again and found ourselves in the headwaters of a stream out further.

         We finally got oriented and continued and made it down to Mitchell Lick.  
It is where the old King Meadows Trail #154 and Snowbird Trail #64 come together.   It is a large, nice campsite.   The intersection there also heads west toward State Line.  It is a lonely, remote, isolated spot
upon the earth.     It was hard getting there. It was hard getting back.  At the end of it all I was satisfied 
that I could find my way down through there especially with company and the GPS. 


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