Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Squally Creek--Scouting for Waterfalls, Aimless Ambling and Getting Oriented

Squally Creek Exploring

Dana & Kenny Koogler

Thursday January 1, 2015

Photos are here Squally Creek

   We really like the Robbinsville, North Carolina area and Graham County.   
A relative shared with us a tip about a spot he'd been recently with friends.  Back around Halloween.
We'd been keen to go since then, but did not get the chance until after the Holidays.    We started our 
New Year off in 2015 by hitting the trail and exploring.    

     We went up to West Buffalo and  hoped to see some pretty things along Squally Creek.
We were not disappointed as the stream is a series of beautiful cascades, small falls and slides.  
It is wild and green. It also has that gritty element that we have developed a taste for.

Squally Creek stretching on before us.  Looks like some in the Smokies without all the people.
Pretty cascade along Squally Creek

Another small falls along Squally Creek a little further up.
I think there are more falls, but need to go back and be prepared for some creek walking.

     We passed old abandoned trout farms, private residences, Unabomber type shacks, disused hunting cabins, and all sorts of sign of human habitation along the way.   It always makes me very nervous when I see the faded stars and bars flag flying over a shack.   Gulp!  It was cold and the deep shade here in this holler had snow lying about on rocks in the stream. Icicles hung in some spots.   

Snowy ford of Squally Creek . This little area on Earth is so lovely.

   We proceeded up into the headwaters and the terrain leveled a little bit.    It lies below Hooper Bald. 
We keep ambling around and before we knew it we came out to this frame for a shelter..

This is at King Meadows. After studying the map we think it might be possible to follow the drainage down
from King Meadows to Upper Falls on Snowbird Creek.  It would bring you out right at it, but it remains
to be seen whether I do that or not.   

     We ambled around in the mountains and found according to the GPS we were closing a loop.
We passed some hunting or fishing camps on South Fork Squally Creek.   It was so isolated an area it was hard to believe we came upon anyone! 

South Fork Squally Cascades, sunshine, snow!

We made it back to where we parked and this is what Squally Creek is like down at that elevation.
How do you like that coolin' board? 

We had a good time and will go back again. 

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