Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally Reaching Puncheon Camp Creek Twin Falls-- and General Raking Around

Puncheon Camp Creek Twin Falls
Getting There At Last!!

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Sunday February 1, 2015

     I have been a hiker since I was a pre-schooler.  I've known God's presence in my life
for as long as I've lived.  I have been a hiker to waterfalls since 1997.  I've been married to
Kenny for 30 years.  I've been with him for 33 years.   The journey for me has been strange,
wonderful, beautiful and difficult.    Finding my way to difficult, out of the way places
and finding hidden surprises in nature are ways I relate to my maker.   Some of what I do
involves some risks.

           I recovered from a serious neurological illness with the help of the Lord.
I am thankful to be well and back out on the trails.   One waterfall I have had on my bucket list
for about ten years is Puncheon Camp Creek Twin Falls.  It has no trail to it, but it is on
Tom Dunigan's Tennessee Landforms website.   It took lots of studying, planning, trying different approaches, failure, regrouping, asking for help from friends, and trying again.  Sunday we reached it at last.

  One of the biggest New Year's resolutions I made for 2015 was to seek God's face more than his hands.
In other words... to know God and his plan for my life and to relate to him rather than seek to get him
to do something for me.  Taking this approach has been the right thing to do.  When I seek His face..
I receive his love abundantly and he ensures my success.  The blessing is doubled.

           We don't set out to do dangerous things without seeking His face first.
It was prayed over and consequently the dream was realized.  

      Thank you Mike Gourley for your assistance.  I love you for it.  You are a wonderful friend.
Tom, I love you for your gift of a database of land forms that has blessed me and others.

  Thank you to my husband Kenny who is my courage and strength and has such patience with me.
I do things afraid.   Sometimes it takes me many tries to complete a task, but you don't give up on me.
Puncheon Camp Creek Twin Falls with the 'twin" not flowing today.

Down in the gorge.

 We took a short cut to go to Camps Gulf and we saw this
 My jeep fixing to ford the stream
 Beaverdam Creek is beautiful
 Made to the Crusher Hole today thanks to Chuck Sutherland!
And by the way... all roads seem to lead to law enforcement for me and Kenny.
The short cut lead to the prison!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Yes, the waterfall is beautiful. Pretty countryside.

  2. Glad you finally made it. Its a beautiful falls and you got a really nice photo of it. That whole area is teaming with waterfalls.

    1. Amen! Found out there is another one in there! Another one about 0.14 miles from Rogers Creek Falls! Just up from it. Going back and hit Buzzard Roost Rock and the two Rogers Creek Falls next time around.


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