Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gooch Creek Arch --Rewrite

Gooch Creek Arch Trip Report

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Saturday Feb. 23, 2013

* I am re-writing and posting this TR over. Why? 
Because the entry got damaged, photos lost, and it was deleted.
I later found the photos to re-do it so I am going to repost.
I am in the process of repairing damaged blog entries.
I am also totally reorganizing my photos on all fronts.
It is going to take time. When I ever get it done I will never
post another photo on Flickr again... ever. 

   We set out originally today to visit Powder House Falls and Ray Falls and neither of those 
worked out.   We had the waypoints for Gooch Creek Arch with us and that is what we ended up doing since we were in the area.   

     We went down toward Dayton and went up the old Evensville Road to the plateau level.
We then went out a gated road that parallels the bluff line through what appears to be a pine plantation.
We knew the arch sat out on the edge of the plateau.  It did not take too much time or searching to find it.
Just follow the old road out and turn to the left.   It is a pretty and unique spot.

Here is a video of it


  1. Is the arch on private property? Do you have to ask permission?

  2. It is on private property, but I don't know who you'd ask permission. Everyone I know who has visited including myself just went. Long as you go and just visit the arch and don't burn the pine forest down you should be fine.


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