Monday, April 6, 2015

Short Hike up Rush Branch

Sweet White Trillium along the banks of Rush Branch

Short Hike up Rush Branch to Believer Falls 
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Dana Koogler solo 
Round trip distance 1/2 mile

Photos are here starting from frame 368

Rush Branch Pix

  I had to run to the post office and bank. I decided I'd head toward Townsend to do my errands.
Once I had that done I would take a short hike to see some early Spring wildflowers and a waterfall.
I had not hiked up Rush Branch in several years.   I pulled over by the road and strolled back there.
I passed the old mossy rock wall.  

Next I crossed the small stream and continued up to the old cement container that I think used to hold trout.

The sides of this small gorge are really high and narrow.  

I began seeing Spring wildflowers.  This is a good place to see lots of Sweet White Trillium among other things.   I think that wood poppy blooms back here, but it was not blooming yet.

Sweet White Trillium opening up.

Blood root just opening.  

   It appears wildflowers are still slow to get going this year. It was a hard Winter with lots of ice and snow and bitterly cold temperatures.   We are about two weeks behind where we usually are this time of year in bloom season.   I noticed another difference.  Hiking back here is not an official, maintained path. 
It used to be a lot harder bushwhack than it was today.    It appears two things have made it easier. 1. It is getting hiked more now and a small path is tracked down.  2.  The old logs that were across the path have rotted and fallen down at last.  It is not necessary to go high to avoid them anymore. You can just stay low to the creek most of the way.

Small and attractive Believer Falls back on Rush Branch.

Looking back the holler from the base of the falls.

I sat and enjoyed the falls for awhile then made my way back to my vehicle. It was an easy hike and I was not disappointed.
Below is a short video of Believer Falls.  

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