Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Maybe Its That Virginia In Me..... Back to Küglerville

Mayapple bloom 

Back to Küglerville 

Friday May1 , 2015- Sunday May 3, 2015

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Adam Lindsey, Crystal Koogler-Lindsey
Michael & Tessa

Photos are here starting with frame 291

Here is a link to a google map showing where this is.

Map of Koogler Farm

  Our family suffered a loss when Teresa Lindsey passed away  March 3, 2015.
We had all been so sad. We decided it would be a good idea to make a trip back to Virginia
since both Teresa's birthday and Mother's Day were coming up.   The hope was that
we'd feel better for a change of scenery, change of routine, and getting to love and be loved by
our kin in Virginia.   It was a good idea and I think we're all very glad we went!

      We had originally planned to leave Thursday night, but some unforeseeable things 
took place on Thursday.  We ended up leaving very early Friday morning.   The traffic was light
and we made good time.   We got to my Daddy and step mom's home around 11am.  
It was great to see them.   We talked. We ate lunch. The kids played. The cat hissed and spit.
We fed Nana's fish in the Koi pond and fountain.  Michael helped wait on customers in Nana's sewing shop.  We took a walk across the creek to the big fish pond near the pool. 

          We finally tore ourselves away from Nana and Poppy and headed on out to the farm.
We got there and had to hug on Grandma Koogler. We were all glad to see her. The farm looked so pretty.  It is about fifteen miles from my parents house.  It is way out there in the boondocks.
It is quiet and peaceful.    Redbuds and dogwoods were still blooming here.   The tree leaves
were still pale green and new.  Brother-in-law James had graded the long lane and it was in excellent condition.     It had been sunny, but a black cloud was rolling in.  Kenny, Adam, and myself had decided to go into the woods and hunt mushrooms real quick before we got a downpour.
We did find about ten morel mushrooms.  They were eaten and savored on Sunday morning!

Back a month in time to when redbuds and dogwoods were blooming!

Large flowered trillium blooming in the woods on the farm.

Looking out across the farm from the top of Little Round Hill... at the Allegheny Mountains.

Jim came up to the woods to see if we were having any luck with the mushroom hunt.
He has a new Kioti mule type machine.   He is offering everyone beer in this photo.
He also had a 1/2 gallon of butterscotch moonshine in that cooler!  We all had a taste.
It is very smooth and delicious!   I got on the four-wheeler with him for a cow-shit slinging, mud slinging ride.
He was already feeling no pain, but I didn't care. I wanted to live dangerously.

Stick teepee found in the woods!  Don't know who built it.

   We went back to the house and Ma Koogler had a fabulous dinner ready for the whole family.  
She fixed BBQ ribs and all the fixings.   Delicious, but rich!   After dinner we cleaned up dishes, sat on the porch swing, and visited.  Adam and myself took Tessa down to the waterfall at the back of the farm. 
We couldn't talk Michael into going, but just before the sun went down me, Kenny and Michael went back.
Ma told us of another place in that area where they used to find mushrooms.     We went and scoped that out too, but didn't find anymore.    

Adam and Tessa at the cascade

Moffatt's Creek Cascade

Old grist mill by Moffatts Creek right by the waterfall.

Grandson Michael and Pawpaw Kenny going to the cascade.

Back on the farm we rode four-wheelers a bit as the sun was sinking low.

Dimming of the day across the Allegheny Mountains and foothills over our farm.


   We had planned on going to a pancake breakfast at Middlebrook Fire House to benefit my nephew Matt Koogler and two other persons who had medical expenses.  It was really good, but the high point of the day was running into Justine Vaught Poole, her sons Jordan and Jackson. We also saw her mom Karen and stepdad Rick.  They are distant kin and special friends. We raised our kids together until we moved.  We've been friends for many many years.  

       Saturday started off good, but  was a weird day.  I was not feeling great and had respiratory tract infection symptoms.   Mom was not doing well with blood pressure problems and going back and forth between burning up and freezing.   It was such a pretty day weather wise, but was spent with some of us
feeling poorly and mowing.   Mom & John's lawn mower and weed eater both had problems and finally got fixed on Saturday.  Emily, John and myself mowed and trimmed for several hours on Saturday.  Emily was getting over strep throat so she could only do a little then go lay down or come back inside. Mom finally got to feeling better and made me come in reminding me that having a respiratory infection and staying out in the pollen for many hours was probably not smart.   I was determined to check on my mother and help my parental units though.   Got to see Valerie who is in the midst of moving back to Barren Ridge.
Sad strange days. We got to visit with Aunt Mike and Uncle Billy Cupp who are always favorites.  They are so sweet. I'm glad my grandchildren have gotten to meet them and spend some time with them.
 Aunt Mike and Mom and Michael with the play dough stuff out.
Mom takes a nap with Kipper and Smoke. She got to feeling better later on. 

   Sunday I woke up feeling a little better where Adam had dosed me with cough syrup and cold meds.
I still knew I needed to get to the doctor on Monday though.    We walked down to the pond to cut me
a cedar tree to use in my yard in Tennessee.   We took Michael to see the water.   Tessa fell down several
stairs at Ma Koogler's since she cannot resist the steps and has learned how to get past the baby gate.
Crystal was over it. I'm sure it took ten years off Crystal and Adam's lives and gave them their first gray hairs.   She is like a wild monkey and needs constant supervision or a leash.    We had a good visit, but
it always seems too short.  
 Our spring fed pond with redbuds blooming.  My father in law built this many decades ago. The spring is up that hollow.
 Kenny and Michael on the dam of the pond.
Beautiful wild columbine blooming on the rocky bluffs around the pond.

   We drove back home Sunday afternoon and made it safely. Thank you Lord for safe travel.
Always good to go and good to get home too.


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