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Brevard Play Time with Nanny Cookie and Michael


Brevard Play Time with Nanny Cookie and Michael

 Tuesday July 21 and Wednesday July 22, 2015

Dana Koogler & Michael Lindsey

Pictures are here: Brevard Play Pix

    I had been promising to take Michael to do some fun activities just the two of us.
Tuesday we left home and planned to play for a couple days.    We headed to Asheville's Fun Depot first.  We got there at 11:30 am and stayed until 4:30 pm.    For $36 we played all day for both of us.
We rode indoor go karts, played mini golf, we played duck pin bowling, air hockey, skee ball, various other games to win prizes.  They have an indoor Adventure Express for kids. It has two bouncy houses and two indoor playgrounds and plenty of space to run around.   It is all day fun.Michael spent an hour or more doing that. We also had a scavenger hunt with the staff there to find various sea creatures and animals.    We ate pizza there.  We had slushees there.   It was great fun. 
Once Michael was ready to cash in his tickets for prizes we got in the jeep and headed to Pisgah Forest to our hotel. I did not take any photos at Fun Depot. I wanted to play not be the photographer.

             We headed down the interstate toward Pisgah Forest. We hadn't gotten far when the backseat got quiet. I stole a glance in my rearview mirror to see a Michael taking a nap.   He was exhausted.
We checked into our room at Hampton Inn Pisgah Forest.   It was very nice.   We relaxed for about an hour while he watched cartoons.  We next went by K-mart in Brevard where we looked at toys and I got a few things I needed for the house.  We had dinner at Bojangles and went back to the hotel.
We let our dinner settle for a little bit.  We then changed into our swimming clothes and went to the pool.  We swam until it got dark. I''d say a little more than an hour.     We were tired.

        We went back to the room and got ready for bed and all dried off.   We watched The Flash on tv and turned in by 10 pm.   The lights couldn't have been off more than a minute after bedtime prayers and Michael was asleep.  He had played hard and was worn out. I was pretty tired myself. 

            The next morning I woke at 4:30 am with my back hurting.  I got up and moved around. I repositioned myself.   I tried various things to get it to stop.  I think I slept in a twist on that hotel mattress.   I had nothing with me for pain except childrens tylenol. Finally in desperation I read how many milligrams per teaspoon and dosed myself with enough to equal two regular strength adult tablets.  I understood after taking it why my grandchildren cry when I offer it to them for pain or fever.  It is horrible tasting.   I lay back down and finally got some more sleep and some relief.
        We packed up once we were awake.  We took our things down to the jeep.
Michael liked working the key card, running the elevator, and pushing the luggage rack. He is great help.   He is getting so big.   Once we had our gear stowed and our hotel key returned we sat down to enjoy a leisurely breakfast  at the hotel.   It was complimentary, but wow!  This hotel puts out quite a spread.  We eat light but satisfying and get going.

              The plan today was to go to Silvermont Park. Once the toy store opens at 10 am we'll go there as our next stop.   We thought we'd shop and eat lunch.  After lunch we'd go to see a few
waterfalls and Sliding Rock.    

    Silvermont was great.  We had no trouble finding it.   Below is a link to their website.

   Michael and some other children on the new playground.
 Michael with new toy.

They just completed the children's playground the first week of July.  It is brand spanking new.
Michael played there for about 45 minutes with me and the other children.  I checked out the grounds and gardens just giving them a quick once over.   It is very nice.  Basketball courts, tennis courts, new playground, picnic pavilion, nature trail, and mansion.   It is open as the senior center. It is open as an event center.  You can rent the grounds for events.  
          Michael sharing his new toys with a new friend! 

Silvermont Mansion is open to the public.

We headed toward the toy store a few minutes before 10 am.  I had a snafu with my tomtom
navigation device.   It had me going in circles for about fifteen minutes. Finally I got it straightened out and heading us the proper way.   Michael says I need to fire Babala that she gives me bad advice!
 Finally we arrived in downtown Brevard and got to park right by the O.P. Taylor's Toy Store.
I had not realized how big this place was!  It has seven rooms filled with toys. It is set up for play.
Michael enjoyed it and so did I.  He got to race slot cars with other little boys.  He got chased around the store by a remote control R2D2 and got to shoot him with a pop gun!   He used his money plus a little from Nanny to buy Miles from Tomorrowland!  O.P. Taylor's Toys I bought Tessa some things for her birthday which is coming up in September.  Miles from Tomorrowland

               I also went to Local Color as my next stop for the place I wanted to check out.
I really liked it.  They have many cool things to look at and buy.  I purchased a new paper star light
and a piece of artwork.    We headed out with our purchases.  

       We had lunch at Wendy's and then headed up to Pisgah Forest to see waterfalls.  
Babala began giving me bad advice again.  Michael looked sleepy.   I felt wrung out.
I pulled over and asked him what he was thinking?  He said he was ready to go home. 
He wanted to get back to Nanny's house in time to show Diesel his toys and play there awhile before Mommy came to pick him up.  So that is what we did.   No waterfalls this trip and no hiking.
We'd both had enough.    We had a 2 1/2 hour drive home to face.    We headed down the highway
stopping briefly at Ingles to put gasoline in the jeep and some Starbuck's coffee in Nanny.

               I had a great time and I hope we can do it again.  We need to take a family trip back this way and bring Tessa so she can experience Fun Depot and O.P. Taylor's also!


Michael and Big Bear outside the toy store.


 I guess dog's need toys too! 
 Local Color was two stores down.  Beautiful Brevard!

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