Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cathy and Curtis' Wedding

Cathy's beautiful bouquet

Curtis and Cathy's Wedding 

Saturday June 27, 2015 

1:00 pm

Mountain Valley Wedding Chapel

Pigeon Forge, TN

  Today I had the privilege of attending the wedding of my best friend to her new spouse.
I didn't want to cry, but I did a little bit anyway.  We both did. Happy tears though.  
I have been friends with this lady for sixteen years. I have her cousin.. Kelvin Taylor to thank for that!  KT and I became friends first then we all became friends meeting up for our first camping
and hiking trip at Hanging Rock State Park.   My family enlarged that day because they 
became my extended family. The ones you get to pick out.  Not the one  you're born to.
The importance of that could not have been fully known to me at that time.  I watched
Kelvin's prayer warrior mom pray daily for me and my family through some of the darkest days of my life. I give God the glory, but she helped move His hands to restore my own marriage and broken home to health.   That was the start of the blessings on my life.

             Cathy is the kind of friend everyone should hope for.   We go periods of time without
seeing one another but when we meet up no time has passed.  Sometimes we see each other frequently.  Other times not so much.  She has held my feet to the fire on important issues in life
and corrected my path and errors with convicting scripture.  She has shared experiences out on the trail with me. She has prayed with me.  She has seen me through some dark times and faithfully prayed over my son that he would recover from substance abuse and thank you Lord he did!

         Cathy had been seeking a partner for life.  She is a Christian woman and we prayed about it
for a long time.   Last year there was a possible answer to those prayers, but something took place before us both and we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this wasn't the guy.   That was hard. 
That hurt her.   When God shuts one door he really will open another one. A better one. 
The answer came in the form of Curtis Boyette. She met him in Wal-Mart!    I won't say love at
first sight, but immediate recognition that something special was happening. Instant attraction and instant realization on by all parties that the Lord was in this.   

            They started dating in November and the rest is history!
Their story is still being written, but meeting him for the first time was a blessing.
I knew right off I was going to like this man. He is hard not to like.  I gained a brother.
He has a wonderful sense of fun and play and he treats my friend like she is made of gold.
You know its going to be ok when your best friend's groom is carrying on like he just won the lottery!    I also knew when I stood by him and told him "You realize you are the answer to a prayer?"
And he said I know!  and he really does know.  I love him already for loving my friend. My sister.

     They are perfect together. May God bless their lives together and continue to grow our family and make us fit servants for his purpose.

Curtis and Cathy Boyette

My favorite photo of them because it shows that they are in the mountains.   That's where she always wanted to be! 

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