Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Lily Barn 2015

Harmony lilies

The Lily Barn --Peak Season 2015

Wednesday July 2, 2015

Dana Koogler

Pictures are here starting with frame 80
(images are a compilation of various trips with the most
recent being from frame 80 onward)

   I love where I live. I love the Great Smoky Mountains. I love Townsend and 
all the little tucked away places to visit.   I go to The Lily Barn  just about every year
during peak bloom which is around July 4th.     It is a lily farm and perennial nursery.
It is also an event center owned by Dr. Janice Filmore.   As long as they don't have
an event going on it is fine to stroll the grounds or picnic there.  They have always 
been most welcoming and gracious.    It will always be a special place of quiet meditation
for me.  It is a photographers dream!  

      I had an appointment yesterday and home obligations, but I was trying to squeeze in 
some time for myself to do something fun.  I needed to rent a carpet cleaning machine.
It occurred to me that they rent them at Village Market IGA in Townsend.  I decided I'd do my grocery shopping in Townsend and rent my carpet machine there too. It would give me the needed excuse to drop by The Lily Barn seeing as how it is peak season! I spent an hour and a half strolling the grounds and taking pictures.   It was like a mini vacation from chores! 
Even the drive back through the holler to reach it is quiet and pretty.  

     I rounded a curve in the road and as I caught sight of the place my heart leaped for joyand my eyes welled up with tears.   I always love this time of year when I Consider the Lilies.
They break my heart and I can just imagine Jesus sitting here in this place telling the parable
of how God clothes the lilies more splendidly than any human garments.

27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
28 If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?   Luke 12: 27-28

I think I may get this one printed large size and frame it.  Such beauty! 

Waves of color.  

Lovely shades of orange.

Golden lilies

The Lily Barn itself.

Creek winding through the grounds

Zebra grass, phlox, yarrow, hostas, and cone flowers.

Peach lilies, lambs ear, and river oats.  River oats are beautiful and they are a native species.
I recall sea oats at the beach on the dunes, but river oats are our own native plant that helps secure river banks. I first saw them last Summer along the Caney Fork.  They are very delicate and beautiful in their own right as well as serving an important purpose.

Hedge Maze. In all my previous visits I never noticed this before!
It is small, but very pretty.

Down the primrose path.  White phlox, Red Lucifer Crocosmia, blue ballon flower, orange blackberry lilies, pink crepe myrtle.

Blackberry lilies were everywhere!  These were popular with the old settlers of the Great Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove area.   I think they bloom at some of the old home sites in Cades Cove.
I plan to plant some late this Summer/Early Autumn so they'll bloom next year for me.

Lotus pond and water gardens.

I am including some directions how to find and visit The Lily Barn.
Please respect the grounds and abide by the rules of avoiding the place when they are hosting
events so that it remains open to all to enjoy.  Please patronize them and support the local economy
by purchasing their plants and using their services!?

From Walland head into Townsend along Hwy 73/321. Turn LEFT onto Webb Rd next to the Phillips 66 gas station. Cross the bridge and proceed straight out Webb Rd. which turns into Carrs Creek Rd. Stay on the main road for about 3 miles and it is on your RIGHT. It is free to visit. They sell lilies and other perennials.

   I wrapped up my day by tearing myself away and going to the store in Townsend after that
carpet shampooer I had nearly forgotten about.   I was dumbstruck at encountering
Rush Hour in Townsend!  There were exactly five grocery buggies left to use when I went in the store!   Even so I had a great time even in the grocery store.  Everyone is so friendly and sweet.
If every rush hour was like this what a world we'd live in!


  1. Looks like a place with great restorative powers. Images are beautiful!


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