Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jump Jam with the Grandkids on Wednesday

Tessa "driving" Papaw's big crane

Jump Jam with the Grandkids on Wednesday

Wednesday Dec. 23, 2015

Dana & Kenny Koogler
Michael and Tessa Lindsey

Jump Jam Web Site

   Grandchildren have been out of preschool and school since Dec. 18th.   I am usually the one who
looks after them since I retired.   Kenny had several vacation days from work he needed to use or lose.  He took off from work and we planned to take them to Jump Jam trampoline park in Knoxville.
We had never been there before and wanted to try it.  The rainy weather made it even more appealing.   We went for 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday morning.   It was great and a good value. 
$ 12 per kid for  and hour and a half of jumping and playing.   In the warm and dry while it rains outdoors.   Money well spent.   They loved it. We loved it and will go back soon.   It is a nice family environment to play. I would have lost my ever loving mind had someone taken me to this place when I was a child.   They played hard and wore themselves out!  Coolest day ever.  Massive Nanny and Papaw points!   We went by Kenny's work at Barnhart Crane & Rigging afterwards for him to pick up his check and for them to get to see his work and his crane.  They liked that too.  
Charlie the boxer dog was there.   Billy gave Michael and Tessa candy and suckers and visited with us.   They liked all of it except for the dog.  Tessa was afraid of the dog, but the rest of us liked her.
We finished our day off with lunch at Pizza Inn of Oak Ridge.  Another great place that they loved!
Great service. Great food.  Inexpensive. Fast.   We'll be back there too!

Kids went home worn out, ready for a nap and with full tummies.  

 Michael in Papaw's big crane in the back cab.
 Michael at Jump Jam age 6
 Non Union Scabs in Papaw's crane.
Tessa at Jump Jam. age 2


  1. This looks pretty cool. Any age restrictions? Can Grandpa's and Grandma's jump too lol!

    1. Yes Grampas and grammas can jump too! No age restrictions. Let's get a whole fam damily date set to go jump!? I want to play!


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