Wednesday, June 15, 2016

They Finally Let Me Out That Insane Asylum. Why? Where You Been?

Paint buckets galore! 

They Finally Let Me Out That Insane Asylum. Why? Where You Been? 

Dana Koogler 

June 8, 2016

    I have not been keeping up my blog lately. I'm two entries behind.  I have also not been hiking or going four wheeling much. It has been hot as Hades for one thing.  Another thing is that I have been focusing on my music, family, and home improvement projects.   I have lost over twenty pounds despite not hiking lately.  Being busy is helpful!    We have a new grandson born last Tuesday also!
Our son-in-law was hospitalized with an infected arm the day Gabriel was born.  Crazy busy. 

 Our son Jared and daughter-in-law, Lydia.  Photo by Rachel Wilbourn Mobley
 Lydia and Jared waiting on Gabe the baby bump... photo byMobley Photography
Lydia's sister Rachel Mobley is a very talented photographer.
 Gabriel Logan Koogler a few minutes old.  photo by Rachel Mobley

              Aunt Crystal Koogler Lindsey.. Jared's sister.. my daughter.. and Gabriel
photo by Lydia

Chunko likes to eat!  Gabriel has my very blue eyes, my mouth, my nose, my fingers and toes, my appetite! He looks like his Daddy, Jared a lot, but he favors my side of the family thus far. Gabriel is a great great great great grandson of Big Will Walker of Townsend, TN. He is a legend. A true hoss among men.  Gabe comes from the Stinnett line.... William Marion Walker had several wives and 26 or 27 children.  Molly Stinnett was the youngest of the wives. She was a good woman. She cared for
one of  Big Will's second wife when she grew elderly and frail.  Unorthodox for sure, but he believed
he was doing God's will like Father Abraham in the Old Testament.  Gabriel comes from stout stock. 
Funny that of all the grandkids.. he looks most like me.  I was a very fat, chubby cheek baby and 
did not have much hair.  Photo by his other grandmother.. Debbie Wilbourn.. who I love.
It is wonderful being co-grandmas with her.  I'm glad to have her.  We are a family! 

Other Things

  I have been enjoying gardening, crafts, music, and sewing.  I learned to play 
Hall & Oate's  Wait For Me on the piano.  I learned More Than That by the Backstreet Boys.
I learned Adagio by Rolf Lovland.  I am working on End of the Innocence by Don Henley & Bruce Hornsby.  It is challenging, but beautiful. First time I played it through I found myself crying tears of joy!  It is exquisite and a thrill to be able to play something by Bruce who is a fellow Virginian born and bred.   Below is a YouTube video of the song. 

            I repainted one of the bathrooms with Kenny's help.  I re did it into an Octopus Bathroom.
My grandson Michael told me long ago that I was an octopus.. lots going on at any given time.
He said "Nanny is intelligent and can fit into small spaces." like an octopus which they were studying in Pre School at the time.  It has somewhat of an H.P. Lovecraft feel to it... blue ringed octopi
and Cthulu.  I antiqued the cabinets in the bathroom. Never done that before! It as harder than I ever imagined, but it was fun and I liked the result.  We went in with Adam & Crystal and purchased Tessa, our granddaughter a Princess Bedroom suite.  Canopy bed and pink curtains and bedding.
All white furniture with pink roses.  I need to take photos of it. It is just too pretty! She loved it. Next we will get Michael and Gabriel's rooms set up!

The Call of Cthulu.. "That is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange aeons even
death may die. "  ~~H.P. Lovecraft from The Nameless City

 Back deck Vodka and Gin begonias and creeping Jenny
 Poster I made with Michael.. I need to take pictures of Tessa's poster I made with her!
 A succulent basket I planted. lime green and peach!
 My neon green/yellow lawn furniture I painted. I like a lot of color.
Back yard herbs, plants and flowers.  Life really IS better in Flip Flops by the way.
I wear flip flops 8 months out of the year.  

   I will try to catch up on my blog entries and get back outdoors.  Balance for all things.
We need a break from home fixer uppers and such.  Time to get outside again!