Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer Backroads

Rhodo Minus blooming near Turtletown Creek 

Summer Back Roads

Dana & Kenny Koogler

Saturday May 28, 2016

Pictures are here starting with frame 526

    We got out and did some exploring on old backroads on a Saturday in May.
Another very late blog entry.   Back from my hiatus and ready to catch up and resume regular entries.     Not a lot to report so I won't do a traditional, long trip report but will post photos of the high points.   

   We went down to  the road that leads to the bridge over the Hiwassee River.  I had seen other folks photos of it, but neither of us had been to it. We weren't real sure how to reach it but we found it.  

Bridge over the Hiwassee River in Reliance TN

   We had spotted a road that was supposed to lead right to the area around Lower Turtletown Falls.
We figured the map would show it open, but guessed in reality it would be gated off.  We found it open and were able to go all the way to the Apalachia aqueduct.  It was leaking like a sieve.

The pipe goes into the mountain here.

The leaking pipe creates this mini waterfall.

Beautiful cluster of maiden hair ferns near the aqueduct.

  One of the things we had done prior to coming to the Turtletown Adit Road.....
was tried to find a waterfall Paul Gamble told us about.  I had studied the map and believed I could find it. It was on Shadwick Branch so I figured it would be a simple thing.  Think again!
It turned out to be a snipe hunt.  Paul said he'd go back with us once the weather cooled down. It was hot as heck and the weeds were high.   It was a pretty walk in the woods just the same.  It was mostly shady.

Some old ruins of left over pipe and road construction dividers near Shadwick Branch

The way is shut.......  Lots of briars. We went a good ways up here, but it was heading toward a residence and the terrain was NOT right for a falls.  We have to have a certain amount of frustration and failure to keep the universe balanced it would seem.

Small cascade was all we found along Shadwick Branch.   It was about four feet high.

A A partial view of Turtletown Creek after all that heavy rain... it is swollen and murky with silt.

Rhodo minus was an extra surprise growing and blooming along the backroads.

 A view of the Hiwassee River flowing on below the bridge.  Some beautiful scenery today!

More maiden hair ferns and intermingled with them... bright red indian pinks.
We saw lots of Indian Pinks.

We did find a waterfall that was below the road that leads to the Hiwassee bridge. We not get a good view of it.  We found NO way down to it either up or down stream.  During times of heavy rain fall it was certainly worth a look, but I have a feeling other times it is pitifully dry.

Whorled loosestrife by the road... bright yellow and pretty. Saw quite a bit of this nice flower.

    It was a nice quiet day spent with my partner in crime.

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