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Go Smokies Spring Hike 2017 Event-- Henwallow Falls

White wakerobin trillium along Gabe's Mtn. Trail 

Go Smokies Spring Hike 2017 Event-- Henwallow Falls 

Sunday April 30, 2017

Hike distance 4.4 miles round trip

Pictures are here beginning with frame 746 

Go Smokies Hike Pix

  GoSmokies is an online social media community created by Jigsha Desai on behalf of the
Knoxville News Sentinel.   It has been around since about 2004ish?? Jack Lail is currently the 
person in charge.  I had known of it and participated in it off and on for a long time.   I first began
to be real time buddies with some of the folks on there back several years ago.   The Spring function
this year was the first official GoSmokies gathering I have attended.  My husband Kenny and my grandson Michael also attended.   We met at the Cosby Campground and hiked from there. The hike
was to Hen Wallow Falls along Gabe's Mountain Trail.   It was not a difficult or long hike. It was
beautiful though.  The purpose of these is to socialize and enjoy nature.   
Mike Maples is giving a talk about the area and the old roads etc. 

Dan and David Sands sitting on the log. Not sure whose back that is.  Listening to Mike talk. 

       Eleanor and Bonnie were the persons who mainly put it together with E being the big boss!
It went extremely well I thought.  Mike Gourley was the hike leader. He took a few minutes of
reflection on the Lord or whatever one's Higher Power might be.   It was very spiritual.  
I did not get to speak to every single person there, but I sure enjoyed those I met.  It was great to 
finally get to meet folks I've been online pals with on the site and Facebook for a long spell.
People can present themselves online any way they please.  You know the old bait and switch that goes on with the dating world especially can give online friendships and relationships a bad name.
My sister has shown up to Plenty of Fish first dates only to find the jackass who she was meeting 
1. was not the person pictured on the dating profile.  2. had an butt load of excuses why he was deceptive.  3.  turned out to be a neurotic individual who was alone because he was just an all around loser.    I am pleased to say that on meeting the folks from GoSmokies all of them were as they presented themselves.  Matter of fact they were BETTER than they presented themselves.  I made 
more friendships with quality people. My grandson made friends with adults and one child.. Bonnie's grandson.  My husband was glad to see old friends and make new ones.  
Long legged Michael .. my grandson crawling over a blow down.
Michael and Dan, David in the background.
 Gabe's Mountain Trail is a good trail for pink lady slippers.
One flowered cancer root.. tiny flowers and somewhat rare.  Gotta look hard to spot these.  I expect me and Mike Gourley are the only ones who saw them today. 
David Sands turned out to be the most fun, sweet guy. He is a kid's dream come true.
An adult who acts like a big kid!  He was so good to Michael.   The hike was leisurely and non competitive.  Folks just hiked their own hike and if they got to feeling tired or could not continue
they turned back.  It was as all hikes should be.... fun and enjoyable. Not a race! 
Hen Wallow Falls. It is a 4.4 mile Round trip moderate hike to see this beauty!
Profile shot of Hen Wallow Falls. Look at all that new Spring greenery!  What a perfect day! 
David Sands lounging
 Michael eating lunch on a rocky perch
Left to right Mike Gourley, Ben Gentry and Tina.. I think that is her name.   
Mike Maples the mountain Jedi.
Mike Gourley with a Smoky Mountain Growler
He works for the company that manufactures them! It is a local industry!
White form of T. sulcatum.  I saw a couple of these.  One photo shows a flower that has the more perfect textbook recurved petals, but it is blurry.  

Denise Cameron aka Ellie Mae Clampett is hunting for critters in the creek.
A gal after my own heart!

and Looky hyere! She has found some.. five salamanders in one spot!

The bottom left of this photo is the lucky guy who snagged Denise as his missus... Keith Cameron! 
Mike Gourley soaking his head and getting wet to cool off
Me and Mike Gourley hiked out together so we could catch up. I had been missing my friend.  We were fortunate to see Mr. Black Snake on our return hike. 
The time of fellowship over desserts and snacks was wonderful.  We all just brown bagged lunch since we were not sure how many would show up.  It ended up being about 20 people.  Just right.
Lots of history presented. Lots of natural beauty.  My family left with our hearts full of love and friendship.  We cannot wait for the next time and plan to attend.  Thanks to the Knoxs News Sentinel for providing a social media outlet that has grown to be a family.  

Below is a short pretty video of Henwallow Falls from the day's hike.  Lots of water coming over that falls today!

   Seemed like a great time was had by all and I hope these folks and more will come to the next gathering.  We took time to discuss plans for a Fall event before we headed home.  Going to be fun! 

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