Big Bottom WMA Access Points

Sign indicating Big Bottom Unit  of the Bridgestone-Firestone Wilderness
This sign is on the entrance of both north and south sides.

**You must have a hunting/fishing license and WMA stamp to ride your ATV here.Same for all wildlife management areas in the state.  The game warden checks this area daily.If you ride without it they will no longer warn you, but will fine you.**

Here is a link to 2016/2017 Hunting Season Dates

**You cannot ride in here from the end of September through mid January. 
Be sure to check the dates from season to season as they may not be exactly the same.**

   I have run into so many folks who are interested in knowing how to get to this area we visit.
I decided to post directions on how to access either side of it.   I cannot give you detailed trail descriptions or directions. The place can be a maze of trails and I get turned around. Some of it is signed pretty well, but it is one of those places I'd take a GPS, map and compass.  The best way to learn it is to get out and ride or hike it and study the map.  

  During times when the Caney Fork River is flowing high and swift you don't want to try to ford it.
We were cautioned about how quickly the water levels have come up in the past.  Familiarize yourself with a plan to exit on either side in case you'd ever be caught in there during a flash flood.

    The North side entrance and parking is near Lost Creek.  It is along Whites Cave Road.
Before you ever get to Lost Creek Falls coming in from Hickory Valley you park in the curve at a gate.  The address and way point are below. Do not block the gate when you park.  
5136 White's Cave Rd
Sparta, TN 38583

Here is a map of the area you can move around and see either access point.  I have starred the places to come in and Big Sink. 

South side entrance points: More than one.  The one we used Sunday is Flowing Well Road next to the Midway Church of Christ.  Stay on Flowing Well Road and park down the road where you can find a wide spot out of the way of any log trucks or gates.

Here is are the address and waypoint for Flowing Well Road

Flowing Well Rd
Spencer, TN 38585

Another option is to come in on this side via Graveyard Ridge Road which goes straight back behind and to to the right of Midway Church of Christ.

A final access point on this side is Long Rock Road which is 1.25 miles west on Hwy 285 from Midway Church of Christ.

Caney Fork River at high water taken April 9, 2017 High water.

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