How to Make a UTV Street Legal in Tennessee

Making UTV's Street Legal in Tennessee 

Dana & Kenny Koogler 

April 19, 2017

  Many times we ride in places where it is convenient to go from point A to point B by just 
continuing down a black top road on the RZR.  We do it and we have seen lots of other riders do it.   Some areas that have lots of four wheeling activity you can get away with it. Other areas you would be hassled by local law enforcement, park service, or other legal authorities. 
Recently it became possible to make UTVs road legal for low and medium speed roads.  
Rather than risk getting ticketed we went ahead and made the modifications needed to make our Polaris RZR legal.  It was not super expensive or difficult.  It is now ok for us to ride it on any road where the speed limit does not exceed 40 mph.  It is also ok for us to cross roads that have higher speed limits.  

     Laws vary from state to state so if you read this and are from another state you'd need
to check on your own area.  You will need to find out if you can make your UTV road legal?
You will need to find out the specific requirements for your area and the process.   
Remember too that many other states do not recognize the legality of it.  We cannot take our road legal RZR into North Carolina and get by with driving it on the hard top road for 
example.  Kentucky will not allow you to register it as street legal, but they leave it to the discretion of their counties and towns to decide if that area will allow it.   I'd check on all the laws of the area I was planning to visit.  Generally speaking states that are UTV friendly and depend on four wheeling as part of their economy like West Virginia tend to allow it.
West Virginia and Arizona are two examples of places like this.

   List of Modifications Needed to Make a UTV Road Legal

Rear view mirrors
Signal lights

Register it as medium speed vehicle
Affadavit for medium speed vehicle

Our Polaris RZR on the trail.

 We prefer the trail to the road, but it is a nice option in East Tennessee to be able to use it on back roads. It gets great gas mileage and is a lot of fun.   

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