Will Wright Branch Tunnel Directions

Will Wright Branch Tunnel Directions

Kenny heading into the opening of Will Wright Branch Tunnel

decimal waypoint 36.553400,-85.077600
degrees decimal minutes 36° 33.204'N 85° 4.656'W

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Follow Hwy 127 Northwest for 5 miles past Alvin York State Historic Park in Pall Mall.
Turn left onto SR 325 (Moodyville Road) 
Follow it for  approx. 4 miles to a right turn onto Moodyville Loop 
Moodyville Loop Road drives directly over top of the natural tunnel which is the largest in the state of Tennessee.   
You will travel 0.25 miles to the tunnel.  
It is a rural, residential area and the right side of the road is posted No 
Pull over to the shoulder of the road on the LEFT and park.
There is a low single strand fence with an obvious opening and a path 
leading out across a wooded cow field.  Follow it where it curves down and right to the bottom of the hill.  At the base of the hill it is 100 feet to the opening into the bank that goes under the road.  
Will Wright Branch flows through the tunnel.  Take a light source.
The second opening brings you out on the opposite side of the road just above an 8 foot high waterfall.  
Back in the tunnel if you follow the other part of the passage you can come to a third opening.  It is a deep, muddy, wet climb out over a 
sloping boulder.  You can do this, but it only brings you out 20 feet from where the second opening puts you.  
Be respectful and do not litter, spray graffiti, remove objects from the tunnel or mess with any bats you might encounter.
We went during drought conditions so I don't know what the water levels would be like in the tunnel during heavy rains.  Be cautious.

Looking out of the tunnel

Looking from the opposite end of the tunnel out to the stream and over the brink of a small waterfall. 

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