Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tallassee Wildflower and History Ramble

Sunbeams on bloodroot.

Tallassee Wildflower Ramble
Monday April  1, 2013
Dana Koogler solo
2 miles round trip approx.

Pictures are of combined trips.
Most recent are at the end.

Videos of Tallassee Doings--Playlist

    I got a call from Kenny about three o'clock that he was going to have a late
evening at work.    I had not spent the day with my grandson as planned hiking because he got to feeling poorly Sunday night and had wanted Mommy and Daddy.
I had spent the day moping around the house and up and decided I was getting out.
I tossed my stuff in the jeep and down the road I went.   I figured I could fit in a short wildflower hike at Tallassee on some of my favorite trails.

     I found the gate unlocked, but I dared not park behind it. Instead I parked outside the gate and waded the creek up to my knees to continue.   I had no more gotten out of the vehicle when I saw wildflowers!  Bloodroot, hepatica, rue anemone, violets of a couple types.   Ragwort on the stream bank. Trilliums!
There was lots of water in the creeks. I've seen more water in Shingle Creek before, but not much more.   We've forded in the truck before and had water coming in the bottom of the doors!   Deep!


First ford is a knee deep wade.

    I could hear the frogs singing loudly all around me in the wetlands.  They sing of Spring coming soon!   I did not see any tadpoles or egg masses out yet.  I think their song also said they are still courting and sparking.


Spring Beauties

This Yellow trillium reminded me of a yellow candle flame.

I walked by the stream and saw lots of trout lilies just starting to open.

Trout Lily opening up

The stream changes in this area from year to year. Now there is a cascade here!

Because the beaver dam has been re-constructed further upstream!

Barren Strawberry growing on the bank.

Catesbys trillium--the only one I saw in bloom today. It is still rather early this cold Spring.

     I ambled along past to the second creek ford and began finding downed trees.
First just one.. then more.   The second ford was a mess. Not only had the tree fallen in the creek, but the limbs!  Climbing over a tree trunk is enough.  Wiggling through tree limbs in a creek at high water was a recipe for disaster!  I had already fallen in the creek once this season and was not in a hurry for round #2 of that.  It was growing dim in the holler so I wisely turned around and headed back.  I'd come back better prepared another day and deal with this. 
Downed tree at Creek Ford #2-- the limbs are right where you need to cross. The rest of it
is a thighs deep wade.

Sun sets early in these hollers. Coming darkness.

    Since I had no luck making it on back to the meadow and the other portions of trail today... I took a different path on the way back.  I found some pioneer junk and an old building I had not seen before!

Old animal pen or corn crib made of scored logs.

Old bathtub. Evidence either someone lived here or cooked up some shine. :-)

   I've rambled all over  this place, but continue to find surprises.  I hope to come back when the wildflowers are full force.  A day of hiking and perhaps some trail maintenance would be in order! Bring the saw!

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