Monday, May 6, 2013

Tackett Creek

A very unusual candy striped Trillium!

Tackett Creek Ride

Dana & Kenny Koogler & friends
Total Ride Distance 45 miles

Saturday May 4, 2013

Pictures are here:
Tackett Creek Pix--starting with frame 32

   I had been wanting to get back up to Tackett Creek to ride again. We had been early last Spring. It was beautiful! I had seen all sorts of flowers in bud, but not blooming.  I just knew if we could get up there again in Spring I'd find all sorts of pretty things. I anticipated wildflowers and finding and photographing waterfalls!   We had talked to friends who declined going this weekend, but at the last minute changed their minds and said they'd go.  I had been on the fence about whether I wanted to hike or go riding?  I finally decided while Kenny was in the frame of mind to go we'd go ahead even if it was just the two of us.   I knew we'd be ok.

       I was going to write a trip report.. a real one about this day. I was glad to finally meet Jody.   I found that the day did not turn out as planned.  Another friend brought a different woman this time and she was not his original woman... who is our friend.  That set the tone for tension right shot out of the bag. I was uneasy all day and trying to make the best of it.  It did not help that the ideas of the ride leader and his motivations were widely different from mine.  I am about the experience and getting out to see what's around me and enjoy it. He wanted to cover a lot of ground.  It is not that one person is right and the other is wrong. It is just a difference in people. That's Life.   

     I found myself very sad at seeing many beautiful things but feeling I was not welcome or free to take my time and photograph things.  I did not want to make waves and cause problems, but I felt utter disappointment.   I was seeing marvelous wildflowers and only got to really photograph a fraction of what was there.   

     I have put the photos in a gallery.  I am just too sad over how this all went to write on it and I don't want to put something in writing that is going to be hurtful.
It will be the last time I do this kind of trip.  Kenny and I are like this. He prefers riding. I prefer hiking.  We compromise.  He doesn't mind me taking pictures and checking things out. He kinda likes that too and we work it out.  I didn't appreciate the tension. I did not appreciate the length of the ride which had me desperate for it to be over and feeling trapped.   Kenny and I go riding, but we stop and get off and hike some too!

   I will go riding again with my spouse and the few other friends we have who also like to get out and see things.  I won't go do this again with the limitations of this trip.  It was a learning experience.
   Sad. So sad.