Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Kügler Haus in snow! 

Thurs. Feb. 5, 2014
Pictures are here: Snow Day Pictures

    The weather forecast called for some significant snow fall for Wednesday night
into Thurdsay.  Kenny decided to do something he rarely does and stay home from work
on account of the snow. We were all home together except Jason and Mike who had to work.   We got up and got ready and went out to play in the snow.  Here in Tennessee 
this doesn't happen often. It doesn't stick around long so you'd better enjoy it while you can.   

      First we got the RZR and went out on the hard road. We four-wheeled it from our house to Crystal & Adam's house about 2 1/2 miles away.  It was beautiful and fun.
Here is a short video. It shows the River Ford of Little River.  I videotaped until Coulters Bridge then I shut it off. 

    We played in the snow with Michael and Kenny helped Adam fix the garage door. Tessa was inside with Crystal. She is only 5 1/2 months old. She was wanting to look out the window and patting it. She liked the looks of that pretty snow. Later that day she took her first ride on a four-wheeler when Adam brought her up to Tee-Maws house              in the rhino.

 Michael at his house in the back yard.

  We loaded up and headed home to get Jared and go to the farm. We were all bundled up.
It was still snowing, but slowing down.  I had not been sledding since we moved to Tennessee.  We did lots of sledding and all sorts of crazy tricks on our farm in Virginia over the years.  Today was the first chance to act a fool in the snow in the Smokies.


Catch a snowflake on your tounge! 

   We went to Townsend to the farm and rode the RZR some more and went sledding.
It was beautiful.  The cows were all standing around. The dogs were playing in the snow and rolling on their backs in it! 

Cows in the snow

Looking over into Rudd Holler

Sledding safari! Jared, Crystal and Michael.

    I went down and wrecked the first three times in a row.  Wrecking when you are sledding in soft, powdery snow is actually part of the fun. I rolled like a ball head over heels.  It was hilarious and did not hurt a bit.  I defied any of the rest of them to do as well!  They never pulled it off.

Michael eating "yellow snow". Jared poured Mountain Dew on a snow ball. He said he liked it!

Jared, Adam and Chevy Rose. Carrharts, camo, and 4x4s.

Crystal fixing to slide.

      We visited the cave.  We went inside and dried off and visited with Tee maw Lindsey and Tessa.  Tessa is still too small to be out in the snow.  Michael had to be convinced to come indoors. He was soaking wet and cold.  He did not want to quit. It was a memorable day filled with fun and family! Hope there are many more such opportunities.

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  1. Glad you had some snow to enjoy, and that you enjoyed it. We've had lots for four months now!


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