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Fall Creek Falls Camping Trip With Kids

Camp Fire to Roast Marshmellows

Fall Creek Falls Camping Trip With Kids 

Dana & Kenny Koogler

Crystal Lindsey

Michael and Tessa Lindsey

Friday August 21-Sunday August 23, 2015


Pictures are here starting with frame 149

Fall Creek Falls Photos 

     Last Friday we took a long planned camping trip to Fall Creek Falls State Park.
 Our grandson had asked to go and Tessa our granddaughter had never been at all.
We had brought Michael there on a day trip in the past, but I'm not sure he remembered it.
We arrived about 4:30 pm Friday evening and set up camp.   We had plenty of daylight left
before Supper so we piled into Crystal's SUV and went round to see some of the waterfalls.
We started off with Cane Creek and Rockhouse Falls from the overlook. 

 Tessa and Pawpaw
 Michael, Pawpaw, Crystal and Tessa hiking to the first waterfalls.
 View of Cane Creek Falls from the overlook
 Tootsa Rootsa is looking forward to a ride in the backpack. See that silly grin?!
Michael is leading us across the suspension bridge over Cane Creek Cascade. He was fearless!
After a nice dinner of grilled burgers and hot dogs we built a campfire and roasted marshmallows.  We found out something we did not know.  Tessa is not a fan of fire!  She cried and fretted about the camp fire. I think that's going to take some getting used to for her. 
I joked that she was like Frankenstein's monster when it came to fire!  
She was mainly just tired from a new experience and all the excitement.   Bedtime came early for all of us.  I think we were in bed asleep by 9:30 pm Central time. 

Fire Bad!

  Saturday morning we woke up to cool temperatures!  We knew the pool was closed, but we didn't care since it was cooling off anyhow.    We had a nice breakfast.  We went to play on the playground.  We went to visit the Bradden Knob fire tower.  It was very neat!  Another special start to the day was that Michael lost his first baby tooth!  He got $7 from the Tooth Fairy the next morning! 

 Michael working on being snagglepuss!

First tiny tooth lost! Age 6

Bradden Knob Fire Tower

Top image Michael on the catwalk of the tower

Bottom view through the metal work of the tower.

A far view on an overcast day across the Plateau! 

   We went next to get a treat at the store and check those out.   It was time to check out toys, goodies, t-shirts etc at the two stores.    Both stores at Fall Creek Falls are excellent.  They carry  most things you might get there without or run out of.  Long way back to Crossville or Sparta to get the essentials.    

        We went back to the camper and had a sandwich and once that was done we headed out to see Lost Creek falls.  We took a trip to Lost Creek Falls in the past, but our kids chose not to go see it and stayed at Rock Island in the cabin with Grandma Earline.   Today would be the first 

trip to Lost Creek Falls for Crystal, Michael and Tessa.    I carried Tessa down the hill on my back in child hauler.   She likes riding in it and likes ordering the wearer around to take her to what she wants to see. "I touch it. " while pointing to moss on the rocks.  " I rocks. A mouf. Choke!"  " I cave!"  She's a boss!  

Kenny, Michael, Crystal and Tessa at Lost Creek Falls. Everyone liked it a lot.

     Below is a video of Lost Creek Falls during our visit.

Dodson Cave. The Jungle Book movie was filmed here.  See the mist hanging in the mouth of the cave? 

The kids were all about cave exploring and no one was more insistent upon going in than Tessa.
Michael got to go in with Pawpaw back into the dark with a flashlight. Tessa just got to go in the mouth of the cave. It felt wonderfully cool.

      We had a good dinner Saturday night and a camp fire. Pawpaw made banana icecream.
It started raining on us so we went to bed early. It rained through the night and into the next morning.
We packed up after breakfast and headed home.   The only thing we did not do that we planned to do was play on the playground again Sunday morning and go to Piney Falls and Millikan Overlook.

 We had a good time and the trip went well. I think we're all looking forward to the next camping trip!  We missed Adam, so we'll have to take him too next go round.

     It is worth mentioning that  I purchased a new Fall Creek Falls State Park map.  It cost $8.73 at the Betty Dunn Nature Center.   It was money well spent as it contains the trail system for the entire park including SOME of the new additions. Hemlock Falls Trail is on there in Camps Gulf. 
Wheeler Farm loop is on there as well.    It has some excellent history on James M. "Judge" Taft who called himself Peckerwood. He is the father of Fall Creek Falls State Park. He lobbied tirelessly to get
the area protected for future generations.  He was a father, husband, preacher, soldier, farmer,
and educator.   He worked to help the residents of Van Buren County have a better life.   I was
so impressed with the life of this fellow who was known and loved by all.  I have a copy of Russ Manning's The Historic Cumberland Plateau and not once does it mention him.   Without his efforts
we would almost certainly not be able to enjoy the state park now.     Thank you Judge Taft for your
selfless work .

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