Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Royal Blue Ride Today

Royal Blue Ride Today

May 30, 2016

Dana & Kenny Koogler 

  Back in May we went on a ride on the RZR to Royal Blue WMA.    It was a pretty day and had rained some before we went.    The day was a good one, but it was kinda hot.  
We did not see a whole lot of stuff. Pretty scenery, but it was not the greatest.  

I will just post a few photos of the highlights as I don't have a lot to say to write up a
complete trip report.    I took a several month hiatus from writing my blog too so this blog entry is way late.    

 Some primrose blooming beside the trail.
 Tons of goats beard blooming on Short Mountain Road.

 Garter snake making his way across a muddy spot.
 Lovely green growth alongside the little spring pond.  Ferns and moss.
We found out that this little spring pond stays cold and clear and pretty year round. 

Another view of the area around the spring pond.  

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