Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday's Ride Exploring Sink Holes and Hunting Waterfalls

Exploring Sink Holes and Hunting for Waterfalls
Ride distance approx 12 miles
Kenny & Dana Koogler

Sunday Feb. 15, 2015

    We got back to the vehicle on Saturday evening to find that all was OK. 
We'd not had anything vandalized.  A great relief.  We knew from the forecast that
Sunday morning was supposed to be pretty, but very cold.   The weather man got the forecast
correct and we woke to fifteen degrees with a high expected of thirty-five!
We planned to sleep in, eat breakfast, and ride up on the mountain behind the motel where
there was supposed to be a really big waterfall.    We figured if we found that one
we'd then just head home.    

     We bundled up and went in search of it after breakfast.   We found a spring coming out
of the mountain, but it was bleak looking and there was rock mining going on.   We just weren't feeling it was right to be up there prowling around especially as cold as it was.   Kenny said he 
felt we should get going and so we did.    We always try to have a back up plan.  I had a clear
idea of where we needed to be today.    I'd had something pulling me in a given direction.
Not to a waterfall, but to a sink hole!   I thought the test would be to tell Kenny my plan and
if he agreed we'd go.    He has learned to trust that little vibe I get as I trust his.    He instantly said Yes! Let's go. I like that idea.   I knew this was going to be good.

     I usually tell where we go.   Today as I write this blog I will NOT be revealing the location.
Do not ask me for any names or directions.   I posted the photo on Waterfalls of Tennessee
facebook group and got all sorts of questions and friend requests.   It is not that people like me so 
much as they want to pump me for info.   

     I have certain trusted persons I share and swap info with.   I may not have met a person 
in real life, but if I know them by regular contact in the internet and know them by reputation..
I may learn to trust them and share with them.  We learn to trust one another with secrets.
I will no longer respond to every request for info from rude persons who think its OK to simply
type under a photo "Where is this?" and share my hard earned knowledge.

     Some places are too special to me to share.  This is one of them. I have removed the video from You Tube. I have removed the info from all but my time line on FB.   I cleaned out my friends list of the half dozen or so persons added the most recent to the spate of trouble and viola... 
Let there be peace.

     I was going to write a blog entry for Advance Waterfall Seeking in the Cumberland Plateau 
and reveal a lot of tips for finding this sort of thing.  People don't WANT that . They don't want to do the research and the hard things. They want to have it handed to them.  So my well intentioned plans would have been giving my knowledge away to others who did not ask for it and don't care about it.   One jackass who saw that I was not willing to share the info on FB about the location 
launched into assault mode. Told me how 'arrogant I was and wanted to know if I thought I was the first person to ever visit those waterfalls."  My answer was simple. No.  I know some of the people who have been. They did not tell me how to get there. I found it myself.  That man did not even know me. He does not know my heart. He does not care about my hard work, what drives me, what leads me. He does not know or care how many people I've helped to find pretty places.
I removed all my content. I blocked him from being able to harass me further.  Never seen a worse case of Little Man Syndrome. 

I have learned my lesson about casting pearls before swine.  

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.--Matthew 7:6

Waterfall #1 in the sink hole a nice 40 footer
Waterfall #2 in the sink hole. approx. 20 ft.

 Plunge pool at base of 1st falls.

Both falls together. 

 Cliffs of the sink hole that is Kenny climbing up there for scale.
Winter sun warming things up down in the bottom of the hole.

We had a grand adventure and what started off as a bitterly cold day turned out
to be the most fun ever!   The sun was shining. We bundled up like polar bears.
The day warmed up to where with all our coats and scarves and gloves we were comfortable.
One of the neatest places we've found.     

I work hard to find the things I do. 
Kenny and I are a great team.
I write my blog to suit me. 

A short video of this special place. 

**music added is Fiddler's Lament**

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