Saturday, February 6, 2016

Abrams Falls Hike

Trail at the half way point  

Abrams Falls Hike

Dana & Kenny Koogler 

Saturday Feb. 6, 2016

 5 miles RT moderate

   Today we decided to do something in the Smokies that did not involve a long drive.
We kept it in Blount County today hiking to Abrams Falls.   I wanted to get out so bad, but
I am recovering from the worst flare up of asthma and bronchitis I have had in years.
My lungs are making sounds they have never made before.   We figured Abrams Falls was enough for as short of breath as I had been earlier in the week.   I did good.  We hiked it 
each way in 1 hr 15 min.  I wheezed and sounded horrible, but I felt pretty good.

         I was thrilled to be outdoors and spending time with Kenny.   We are going to have to get serious about getting in shape for our trip in September so we are very motivated.     I had to replace a damaged lens on my camera. I got a Tiffen Neutral Density filter for Christmas.  I had used the new lens, but I had not tried taking filtered waterfall shots with the entire new set up since getting it.
I got my first chance today and I am pleased with the results!  A sunny day at Abrams Falls is not the most optimal conditions for photography, but no worries.  I can tell I like it and that is what matters.
We had other hikers along the trail today, but not a bunch.   It was not crowded and the traffic in Cades Cove was very light.   Getting an early start helps.   

     We had a pretty, perfect Winter day.  Sunny, blue skies. No wind. Forty degrees.
Fresh air and sunshine felt mighty good.  Abrams Falls was roaring! The entire hike was pretty.
We need to stop being such snobs about stuff we have "already done" in the Smokies.   Yes, we have hiked it before, but it was years ago!   I can't even tell you the date.   

  I was tickled to get some exercise and see that I was not quite done for as I had been earlier in the week.   That was all brought on by having been taken off my allergy meds by the doctor.  I did not quit taking them on my own!    No more. I am going to take care of myself and manage this stuff and get it beat back! 

 Abrams Falls shot with the new set up. All that pretty blue green snow water.
 Pretty Blue skies today from the trail
Kenny fantasizing about going round the Horseshoe Bend in Abrams Creek some day.

Short video of Abrams Falls

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