Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Gabriel to the Playground with His Mom and Grandparents

Gabe crawls through the play tunnel 

Gabriel to the Playground with His Mom and Grandparents

Sat. Jan. 20 , 2018

Dana, Kenny, Lydia and Gabriel Koogler

   I had not spent any quality time with my daughter in law in awhile. 
She came over and spent the day.  I enjoyed it so much and so did Gabriel. He was 
glad to see Mama!  No one can take her place or makes him smile and laugh as much.
It was a really pretty day. It was the first warm day we'd had in a long while.  We got 
out Saturday afternoon and took a ride to Townsend. We went to the playground.
We took Gabe's little push car to give him some rides in that and get some exercise.
Lydia took us and showed us on the way home where Mt. Luke is located. What an experience!
I'll do a blog on that another time. 

 Gabe & Lydia 
 Gabe with apple cheeks and a big smile

 Trying to crawl UP  the slide! 
 Little Gabey Bear is getting to be a big boy! 
 See saw with Mommy!

 Brrmmin in my little car
 Wearing Papaw's cool shades
Happy Baby running

 What is it about going UP slides kids like so much? 
 Hair like corn silk.... 
 Gabe stayed on the swings a long time!  

It is fun spending time with mommy and Nanny and Papaw.

   We were finally able to get Gabe to go back to the car. He had a great time.  He was getting tired and a little chilly.  He sat down in his car seat and got Bah out to have a sip. He had dissy blanket to snuggle with.   Lydia directed us how to find Mt. Luke. Their family owns a cabin up there or what is left of it.  The road is like going to billy goat town!   It is steep and narrow and the cabins all perched on the mountain side.  I'll go back up there and take photos of the place.   

It is historic for sure.

     We went home for more play time indoors.  Dinner.  and good conversation and lots of laughs.

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