Wednesday, January 10, 2018

North Mississippi Allstars for our Anniversary

North Mississippi Allstars for our Wedding Anniversary 

Nov. 10, 1984 to Nov. 10, 2017 
 Married 33 years
(Together as a couple for 36 years  1.5 years dating. 1.5 years engaged)

Thanks to Kenny for agreeing to do something different with me for our anniversary.
We went out to eat and to a concert at the Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville.   I had always
wanted to see the North Mississippi All Stars in person.  We got tickets and went and were blown away. We'll definitely go see them again.  Four hours worth of powerful entertainment.
Music that feeds the heart, mind, and soul.   I knew these guys were talented, but I had no idea just HOW talented until we watched them live.   You can feel the music move through you. 

Below is a link to their song Prayer for Peace. Listen to the words. This song needed to be written. Especially after the events of the past several months.  

Also another classic..

one of these days I'm gonna get down to the Clarksdale Juke Fest.  That would be awesome!

One of the best anniversaries ever. 

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