Monday, April 14, 2014

River Trail --short hike on Saturday

Saturday April 12, 2014

   I got out to take a short walk along the Little River near my house on Saturday.
I wanted some exercise and time outdoors this beautiful day.  The weather was perfect.
It was sunny, light breeze blowing and warm.   We have some pretty flowers  there
along the river.   I always like going to see them.

Little River-- it flows out of the Great Smoky Mountains and makes its way through Walland Gap. It flows past my house in the foothills and it continues on its way
to Knoxville.  It empties into the Little Tennessee River there.

The river trail just as it crests Ellejoy Plain. The plain here was a hunting grounds for
Cherokee Nation.   Folks still walk it regularly and find arrowheads.

Sea of Bluebells. I have climbed down the bank and am surrounded by these beauties.

The river splits around a small island of land here.

Bluebells close up

Huge patch of violets in the sandy soil along the river

Golden Bumblebee and red buds also along the river bank

     The river here gives life and takes life away.  It is part of all we are.
I have always lived near a river or stream.  


  1. Nice pictures. I really enjoy those bluebells too!

    1. Thanks Mike. Glad I can bring you some enjoyment with the photos and blogs. I've been enjoying yours for a long time now. That and running behind you to see stuff after I learn of it. :-)


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